Custom Creations™ by Armstrong — Elegant Coffered Ceiling Panels

Custom Creations™ by Armstrong - Elegant Coffered Ceiling Panels

Armstrong Introduces Custom Creations™

StyleStix Moldings

Suspended Ceilings Just Took A Leap Forward

Over the last couple of years weve written quite a few articles on finishing basements to increase the livable space in your home. The articles have ranged on every topic from basement insulation to basement ceilings. So when I recently learned of a new line of ceiling products from Armstrong it was only fitting to share with all of you.

Custom Creations by Armstrong

Armstrong’s introduction of its new Custom Creations ™ residential ceilings product line gives homeowners two reasons to love their drop ceilings again. The Custom Creations collection features Easy Elegance™ coffers and StyleStix™ grid molding – two products designed to quickly and easily add custom style to your home for less.

“Easy Elegance and StyleStix were two new product concepts that scored the highest in Armstrong’s recent consumer research studies in terms of believability, differentiation and purchase intent,” said Lori Rowley, Associate Marketing Manager – Residential Ceilings. “After receiving such an overwhelmingly positive response, we confidently moved the product concepts into development and are looking forward to getting them out into the market and into the rooms of design–savvy homeowners.”

Easy Elegance Coffers

Available in three lightweight, dimensionally embossed styles, Easy Elegance offers a classic coffered look at 1/3rd the cost of custom coffer work. All three Easy Elegance lay-in ceiling tiles – coffer, panel and border – measure 24” x 24” and fit into a standard drop ceiling grid. The coffer is deep set at 2.5”; whereas, the panel design maintains a shallower visual; and the border panel has a flat profile perfect for perimeter cutting needs. Lighting can also be incorporated into the shallower panel tile for use in combination with the coffer and border panels.

The tiles, which are offered in a black or white finish, can be painted with a latex paint to match any room’s décor. They also inherently protect against mold and mildew – a feature that is ideal for below grade environments. These three designs retail for $2.48 per square foot and offer homeowners the visual variety and flexibility to mix and match panel colors, designs, or even reverse the panel sides to express their own personal style.

StyleStix Moldings

The StyleStix snap-on design instantly beautifies an existing drop ceiling by adding a high-end, finished wood molding look to mask the industrial feel of traditional metal grid systems. Wall moldings and main runners are available in 6’ pieces and easily snap directly onto standard 15/16” metal drop ceiling grid. StyleStix was designed for use on 2’ x 2’ ceiling grid profiles only. For homeowners with 2’x4’ ceiling profiles, they can simply install standard 2’ metal cross tees to update their grid design.

StyleStix’s global white color was chosen to perfectly coordinate with existing standard white ceiling tile but StyleStix can also be painted with latex paint for additional customization. Retailing for approximately $1.00 per linear foot, StyleStix enables homeowners to achieve a sophisticated, low maintenance look at a price that’s 1/3rd the cost of creating a deep visual with custom coffer work.

“The best part about the new Custom Creations line is that we designed it with the busy, do-it-yourself homeowner in mind,” said Vicky Landis, Marketing Communications Project Specialist for Armstrong Residential Ceilings. “Not only do they have a high design aesthetic, but both of these products are extremely easy to install, even for novice DIYers, and can be completed in a weekend’s time.”

Custom Creations Is Worth A Look

From what Ive seen so far this gives home owners with a chip on their shoulder about suspended ceilings another option worth evaluating. I know that a certain person in our home isnt interested in traditional suspended ceilings at all. However, after seeing this new line shes very interested in evaluating it for our basement remodel when we get around to it.

Armstrong’s Custom Creations line is available exclusively at 30 select Lowe’s stores in the Eastern and Midwestern United States and by special order through Visit for more information or to access material estimators for both Custom Creations products.

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