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DIY Headboards

Turn a boring kids room into a dream room by making your own cheap and chic no fuss headboard.  The hardest part is narrowing down your options and choosing your tile style, design(s),  and color(s).

We not only love that these headboards are easy to build, they are also easy to clean   just wipe them down with a damp cloth.

Wall Panel Options:

  • Tin tiles are 24x 24 and range from $7.75/each to $49.00/each depending on the finish you choose.  There are lots and lots of designs and colors available or you can paint your own to perfectly match your decor
  • Faux leather tiles are 15 x15 and cost $19.95 each. Style choices and colors are limited but they make a smart and sophisticated statement.

Option 3. Choose your panel color or stick with tin plated steel and paint your own panels to match your decor.  For example, if you paint your own you tiles your might choose to give the tiles an off- white crackled finish and then highlight tile design elements in your accent color.  Another advantage of using tin plated steel is its magnetic qualities.  Your childs headboard now doubles as a magnet board!  The only caveat is that painting your own tiles will add a wee bit of effort and time to an otherwise no fuss, no muss project

Option 4. Decide how tall you want your headboard to be. You can easily adjust the headboard height by moving your starting point.  For example, if  2 tiles are not quite enough headboard but 4 tiles are too high just drop the first tiles further below the mattress line. (See  below: How to Build a Tin Panel Headboard in Under 1 Hour)

Option 5. Consider mixing and matching panel designs and colors if your room can handle at least 2 panels across and 2 panels high.  For example, in my nieces room, since she has a double bed and we went  up to the ceiling  we used three different color panels, Amethyst, White, and Aquamarine to match her multi-color ribbon bedding. My daughter liked what she saw but wanted a magnet board so she chose to paint the tiles herself, pink, blue and orange to match her bedding.

How to build a tin panel headboard in under 1 hour:

Needed Materials :  straight edge ruler, level (optional), pencil, removable Picture-Hanging Strips or Cone Head Nails. scissors

Once you order and receive the tiles, all you need to do is attach large 3M Command White Picture-Hanging Strips or better yet, nail them into the wall with Cone Head Nails. (The best way to attach the faux leather tiles is with hot glue gun!) Pencil a straight  48 line (use a ruler and level) on your wall a few inches below the top of your mattress  so the edge of the tile is covered by the mattress and exactly where you want your bed to be  either center your bed or push it to one side so that your headboard also frames your nightstand. Line the tiles up squarely on the line.  Stick or nail the tiles to your wall. Since the tiles are 24 inches high by 24 inches wide you can actually get away with using just 2 tiles for a low profile stream-lined look.  If not, simply add a row above the first row.  2 rows should be plenty of headboard unless you really want to make a statement feel free to take the tiles all the way to your ceiling (thats what we did and it looks fantastic).  Remember you can also adjust the headboard height by moving your starting point.  For example, if  2 tiles are too low but 4 tiles are too high just drop the first tiles further below the mattress line. From start to finish the whole process should not take much more than one hour.  How simple is that!

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