Grilled Salmon Get Started Hanging A Drop Ceiling

Grilled Salmon Get Started Hanging A Drop Ceiling

Get Started Hanging A Drop Ceiling

Get Started Hanging a Drop Ceiling

A drop ceiling is a structure that consists of square or rectangular tiles that rest in a grid suspended from the ceiling. A drop ceiling is used in applications where it is desirable to hide electrical wires or plumbing. It can also be used to lower the ceiling for energy efficiency. Starting a drop ceiling is important because it affects the way the entire ceiling will look upon completion. There are a few easy-to-follow steps to starting a drop ceiling.


1. Secure any wires hanging down, using nylon tie straps. Hanging wires can get in the way when installing the drop ceiling or later when you may need to perform any maintenance on the ceiling.

2. Install the side channel of the ceiling grid around the perimeter of the room, using an electric drill with a driver bit. Secure the grid with the screws provided with the grid. Use a tape measure to ensure the channel is the same height from the ceiling around the entire room.

3. Measure the width of the room with a tape measure.

4. Divide the width of the room in half to find out where the center is located. A drop ceiling is installed by attaching a section of grid in the center of the room and then building the rest of the grid off it.

5. Drill holes every 4 to 6 feet, depending on the length of grid you purchased, on the center line of the room. Use an electric drill with a drill bit made for the material of the ceiling, whether it’s cement, wood or drywall. Check each location with a tape measure before you drill to ensure it is the correct distance from the walls on either side of the room.

6. Insert anchors into the holes along the center line. Tap the anchors with a hammer to make them flush to the surface of the ceiling.

7. Install screw-in eye hooks in each of the anchors. Cut the 16-gauge steel wire into 3-foot lengths, using a pair of wire cutters.

8. Hook a section of grid into the side channel on the wall, and loop a piece of the steel wire through a hole at the end of the piece of grid. Secure it to an eye hook in the ceiling. Continue installing the grid down the center line until you reach the other side. Cut the last piece of grid with wire cutters if necessary to make it fit.

9. Build the rest of the grid off the center piece, using the same techniques you used for the center piece.

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