Hanging Tulle From The Ceiling ThriftyFun

Hanging Tulle From The Ceiling ThriftyFun

Hanging Tulle From The Ceiling

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By theflowerlady Report 02/15/2010

As a silk flower wedding designer and wedding planner who has done this type of installation many times here is what I do.

If the ceiling is a tile drop ceiling: You can use grid clamp hooks and large S hooks. These can be found on-line or at many home improvement stores. If you are using bolt tulle 45+ wide make sure to use a large S hook.

By Cyinda [214] Report 02/15/2010

Most people would use clear pushpins or even screw-in tiny cup hooks because tulle is so light. Use larger cup hooks if you plan on also hanging tiny LED Christmas lights in it. If you plan on using any lights (even low wattage lights) first spray the tulle with a fire protectant spray (make for Christmas trees & paper products).

By Melanie Jackson [1] Report 02/15/2010


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How do you measure for how much tulle you would need to hang from the ceiling to form a swag several times? How do you hang it?

Julie from Muskegon

RE: Hanging Tulle From The Ceiling

Hanging Tulle From The Ceiling ThriftyFun

The basic formula for gathering (if it’s fabric for dress making or curtains) is one and a half times the width to double the width of the area for a fuller look (my favorite). Measure from the ceiling to the floor (or wherever). That’s the length you’ll need. And double that so it’ll be full enough to gather. If you haven’t got pets or kids that’ll be tugging on it, you can do something as simple as this:

Screw cup hooks into the ceiling and hang the fabric, lace or tulle from light and thin curtain rods. You’ll need to sew or use fabric glue to form a «rod pocket» to shirr the draperies on to the rods. Then use clear fish-line to hook the curtain rods to the cup hooks in the ceiling. This is how I surrounded my bed in lace back in 1990. It turned out wonderful.

If you need to use fabric glue and you don’t sew, use a brand called «Fabric Tac» it comes in a clear bottle and is one of the only brands of fabric glue that is machine washable, machine dryable and dry-cleanable too.

A second easier way would be to take a staple gun and staple little pleats of tulle directly from the ceiling. You could let 8 inches extra hang down (as a ruffle) and this would cover the staples. Be sure to buy extra if you add the 8 inches of ruffle. If you want to add more strength and stability to the tulle you can sew or glue matching ribbon to the area that you sew or glue. Ribbon can also give tulle a more «finished» look. But tulle won’t fray, so no worries there. There are more permanent ways to hang tulle, fabric or lace, but then you’d need to purchase wooden crown molding, nails and paint from the hardware store to really do it up permanently. If this is your idea, I can help you with directions.

Another note, unless this tulle is up against a wall, do «not» hang this so it touches the floor. Stop several inches above it or you might trip on it and pull it down. It would also gather more dirt if it pools on the floor.

If you have more questions about this, or if my directions aren’t clear, please write me here on ThriftyFun. I’d be happy to help any of your crafters out there. (08/14/2008)

RE: Hanging Tulle From The Ceiling

I would measure the space where I want to hang the tulle, then triple it. You can use tacks or staples to hang it with, draping as you go along. (08/21/2008)

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