Home Improvements Ideas For Your Ceiling Remodeling-Custom Home Builders Schoenberg Construction,

Home Improvements Ideas For Your Ceiling Remodeling-Custom Home Builders Schoenberg Construction,

Home Improvements Ideas For Your Ceiling

Doing some interior home remodeling?  A general contractor in St Cloud MN can help you turn that dull space into something far more magical and a lot more appropriate for the decor and furniture youre working with.

Some would say that finishing a ceiling is like creatively playing with a blank canvas.  While its second nature to gaze up at the sky and the cloud while were roaming the world outside its not something we typically do within the home.

It more than likely has something to do with the fact that theres nothing to look at it.  If thats the case in your home, then maybe its time to bring in a general contractor and see what you can do about making your ceiling worth a second glance.

Ceiling Ideas to Improve Your Home

If youre considering an upgrade of your lighting in the first place, this is a great way to bring out and fill out the ceiling space within your home.  These fans serve a dual purpose by adding texture and quality to a blank space while at the same time providing air flow that circulates the air within a room and cools your living space (inexpensively).  A set of brass-finished ceiling fans throughout your St Cloud home could add some old world charm thats hard to find any many homes today.

Faux Finished Ceiling Medallions

Speaking of an old world reason to look up, the ceiling medallion is an excellent eye catcher.  These traditional discs are made of molded plaster or carved wood and are attached to the ceiling where any kind of fixture might hang be that a light, chandelier or even a ceiling fan.

A faux ceiling medallion provides the same look as the older and more expensive (and heavy) medallions but theyre made of light and durable urethane.  Essentially, youre getting the same elegant appearance with an easier installation (and lower maintenance)

Ceiling Paint

Its likely a good idea to repaint your home at some point, both inside and out, and a general contractor in the St Cloud area is great person to turn to to handle the project especially if youre looking into ceiling paint.

In some cases where home improvement in concerned, less can be more.  Instead of shelling out a lot of money and time on major installations for light fixtures you could go the simpler route and use some accent colors on your ceiling that could include a textured finish.  If youre short on home improvement ideas in regards to painting, a general contractor can certainly help you choose the best paint style and design that would suit your personal taste and style.

Ceiling Tiles

When youre roaming about your home, youre walking on the floor but downstairs in your basement (and in some upper-floor bathrooms and closets) you might find a drop ceiling or no ceiling at all.  If its time to cover the pipes and rafters in the basement then having a general contractor install a drop ceiling is a great idea to get rid of some of that ugly you deal with every time youre downstairs.

If the old drop ceilings through the rest of your home need to be updates, its easy to bring in a contractor to have them manage the system lest the tiles come raining down around you.  A contractor can even advise you as to whether or not its time to get the drop tile system out and shoot for something a little more modern to suit the rest of your home.

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