How to Decorate a Drop Ceiling eHow

How to Decorate a Drop Ceiling eHow

Create a Canopy

Decide how you plan to hang the canopy. There are dozens of ways to do it, each of which produces a different effect. Running the fabric above all the bars of the drop ceiling covers the ceiling tiles with fabric without changing the lines of the room. You can lay the fabric flat against the tiles, or get a more exotic feel by letting the fabric billow beneath each square. Passing the fabric over only some of the bars of the drop ceiling creates an even billowier effect and disguises the lines of the ceiling more. For instance, passing the fabric over every other bar creates an effect that is twice as billowy as passing it over every single bar. Attaching the fabric only at the edges of the room and at one point in the center (possibly where a hanging lamp or other ornament hangs) is a classic dramatic look. Extending the fabric to drape down the walls can create the feel of an indoor pavilion.

Measure the room to determine how much fabric you will need. Take into account how much extra you will need to add billows, and whether you need fabric to drape down the walls. Also consider the width of the cloth. Most fabric is sold in 45″ widths, and designer fabrics are sold in 54″ or 60″ widths. If you plan to sew the lengths of fabric together, width will not be a concern, but if you don’t want to do that much sewing, you will need to buy extra fabric to make up for the fact that the width of your ceiling tiles is unlikely to be the same width as your fabric.

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How to Decorate a Drop Ceiling eHow

If youve stopped going to your basement because the drop ceiling depresses you, or theres Land of the Ugly Dropped Ceiling elsewhere.

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The choices available for drop ceilings have evolved immensely in recent years. Drop ceilings do not have to look like they belong.

If your ceiling has old water damage or if it just needs a bit of a pick-me-up, adding fabric to your ceiling.

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