How to Install Drop Celling Lights Drop Ceiling Lighting

How to Install Drop Celling Lights Drop Ceiling Lighting

How to Install Drop Celling Lights

Gone are the days when drop ceilings were found only in office buildings or the educational institutes. These days, people wish to install them in their homes as well. In case there are any open air ducts or pipes, they would have to be concealed and any unfinished area would need to be covered. The hanging lights are definitely not practical for the drop ceilings. In fact, you would need to install the drop ceiling lights within the drop ceiling tiles. This way, you would get wider light and a better atmosphere in the house. The steps for installing Drop Ceiling Lights have been discussed as under:

Remove the Adjacent Tiles

First of all, you would have to choose the tiles where the drop ceiling tiles have to be installed and then remove those ceiling tiles which are adjacent to the chosen tiles. This would help you to access the inside of the ceiling.

Install the Hanger Wire

You must have some extra hanger wires with you before starting. These need to be installed at the corners of the chosen tiles. You need to take a 16 gauge wire and loop it through the ceiling joints. Then, wrap the 16 gauge wire three times around it. Make sure that you loop it around the runner as well, this would make sure that the lights stay in place.

Cut the Blocks

After that, you would need to cut the blocks of wood using a circular saw, as it would be the best tool for this task. Make sure that the size of the blocks and the distance between the runners exactly match and remember, for a single drop ceiling light, you would need to cut two blocks.

Cut the Hole in Tiles

Now, you would need to cut the holes in the tiles for the lights to be fitted. You would need to take a lighting can and hold it against the tile. Then, trace its outline over the tile using a chalk or pencil. Then, you can use your utility knife to cut the hole.

Install the Bracing

This is the time to install the 2 by 4 bracings. For this, you would need to take the blocks that you have already cut and place them at the end of the tiles and then drive screws into the runner with the help of a screw driver. You would also need to use a drilling machine for this purpose, so make sure that you have all the things with you.

Make Way for Light Switch

For the drop ceiling lights, the light switches should also be there and you would first need to choose a wall for the purpose. Most of the time, people would customize their old electric box itself. You can also do the same. In case you wish to change its place, just measure the box’s dimensions and accordingly, cut a hole using a drywall saw.

Install the Electrical Cables

Electrical cables would be required to install the lights. You would need 12/2 electrical cables and make sure that you insert them in all the holes that you have cut into the chosen tiles. Make sure that you do not connect this wire to the main electrical switch in your home.

Install the Lights

This is the major step of the drop ceiling lights installation and you have to do it very carefully. First of all you would need to wire the lights. Make sure that you have already read the manufacturer’s instructions. Using these instructions, wiring should be done. Most of the time, approximately 2 inch sheathing is collected from both the cables and then insulation is added to them, after that, they are twisted together. You would also need a plastic connector cap and then the entire procedure has to be repeated for the black wires as well. Then, you just have to slide the lighting can into the hole of the tile and gradually, the sides of the can would pop out.

Screw the Bulbs

To make sure that everything stays in place, you would need to screw it again. Trim might also be installed in some cases and then, replace all the tiles that you had removed, one by one.

How to Install Drop Celling Lights Drop Ceiling Lighting

Work on the Electric Box

Now, since the drop ceiling lights have been fixed properly, you would need to work out the electric box in the wall so that they can be lit up. First of all, you would need to take the cables and slid them in the knockout holes. Then, slide the box so that it gets fitted properly there and once this is done successfully, screw the box as well so that it does not fall out.

Strip the Cable Ends

In case there are any ends of cables that are coming out from the wall, be sure to strip them up so that the box looks clean. You can also grind it in case you wish to. However, experts would generally recommend to ground it for safety purposes.

Work on the Wires

Next, you would have to arrange the wires to make sure everything is in place. Loosen the brass colored light switch screws and insert black wires into them. Then, perform the same with the silver colored screws and the white colored wires. Then, connect the ground wire and a plastic connector cap as well.

Place Wires in the Electrical Box

Once everything is done, be sure to place the wires and everything into electrical box. Make sure that you have properly screwed the light switches and the plate cover.

Connect the Lights

It is advisable not to perform this step on your own. Let the electrician do it. Tell him to connect the lights to the main electric box of your home. Most of the municipalities would not allow you to work with the main electric switch box yourself, so be cautious and check the municipality codes if you wish to do this step yourself.

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