How to Install Suspended Ceiling Lights eHow

How to Install Suspended Ceiling Lights eHow


Turn off all power to the room at the house circuit box. Put your ladder under the existing fixture, and remove it from the ceiling by unscrewing the mounting screws that hold it to the electrical box. Disconnect all the electrical wiring between the box and the existing fixture. (Note: If there’s no existing electrical box in the ceiling, one will have to be cut in, attached to a joist, correctly wired to a switch, and tied into the circuit box. Consult an electrician.)

Connect the wires coming out of the ceiling-mounted portion to the wires coming out of the electrical box, matching corresponding colors. Usually there will be one white and one black wire coming out of the box and a similar pair coming out of the fixture. Connect them by holding the wire ends side-by-side and sealing them in a wire nut. If there is a bare copper ground wire coming out of the electrical box, hook it around the green ground screw on the mounting hardware of the fixture.

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