Inexpensive and Easy Ceiling Ideas eHow

Inexpensive and Easy Ceiling Ideas eHow


Paint is an obvious and inexpensive way to renew the look of a ceiling. If the ceiling is in good condition, simply choose a shade slightly lighter or darker than the color on your walls to paint the ceiling. Using a lighter shade will make the room feel taller and a darker shade will make the room feel cozier. If your ceiling is cracked, repair it before painting. A peeling ceiling will need to be scraped before it is repainted.

Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic ceiling tiles are an inexpensive option for covering a ceiling that is in poor condition. Furring strips are attached to the existing ceiling and lightweight acoustic tiles cut into shape and stapled to the furring strips. Acoustic ceiling tiles are easy enough to install on your own, saving the cost of paying an installer.


A number of companies manufacture pressed-tin panels for the ceiling, many of them with intricate artistic detail. These panels look right at home in vintage style homes and apartments. Pressed-tin panels are installed by screwing them directly into the ceiling or, like acoustic tile, attaching them to furring strips. Because they cause sound to reverberate, sound is an issue to consider before installing a pressed-tin ceiling. A rug or draperies need to be in place to help absorb the sound.

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