Our Beadboard Installation Project in Bryan — Living Vintage

Our Beadboard Installation Project in Bryan - Living Vintage

Our Beadboard Installation Project in Bryan

23 Aug

We completed our beadboard project in Bryan.

We were hired to install reclaimed beadboard to the ceiling and bookshelves in Katie and Ryans sunroom.  They had bought the old beadboard on Craigslist, and they wanted us to clean, install, and polyurethane it.

Heres what we did and how we did it.

(If you just want to see the finished project, just scroll to the bottom!)

On the morning of our first day, the guys loaded up the beadboard while I carted our dogs into town to board them for a few days.

By the time I got back, they were loaded up.  (Yay for me!)

After tying everything down really well, we hit the road to Bryan.

We arrived in Bryan right after lunch,and we started unloading all of the old beadboard into our clients garage.

As we unloaded, we took our time organizing the pile by color as best we could.   We knew it would make installation easier, plus we could assess how much we had of each color.

I still cant believe I cleaned all of this!

We got right to work in Katie and Ryans sunroom.   This photo shows the room before we did any installation work.

The patio doors in the sunroom open up to a brick patio paved with old bricks.   I thought it was so lovely, and if I lived there, boy howdy, would I be spending quality time out there!  I admired it multiple times before the job was done.

We got a lot of prep work done on the first day.

First, the guys assessed if we would need to install plywood to the ceiling.  Fortunately, they discovered that there was already plywood underneath the drywall.  So that made our lives easier and the final invoice less expensive.

After that, the guys removed all the shelves in the bookcase, the ceiling fan, the HVAC covers

Although not within the scope of the project, we also offered to remove a window that originally opened up to the backyard.  Katie took us up on that offer.

(Katy and Ryans sunroom is an addition to their home.    Whoever originally did the work left the original window in place.  I have no idea why.)

We started with the bookshelves first, to get the smaller part of the job out of the way first.

It was a team effort.

John did the nailing.

Mark did the cutting in the driveway under a shade tree.

I was the runner and message girl, communicating measurements and color choices.  Thats what I did the first day, anyway.

Heres what they looked like when we were about halfway done.

This is what the bookshelves looked like at the end of the first day.

The next day, the guys immediately got to work on the ceiling.  We were sure to cover the floor with craft paper to protect it.

I started painting, slathering on the first of two coats of satin polyurethane.

We almost always coat old, painted wood with polyurethane.  Theres a reason for that.  Actually, three.

The old boards may have been painted with lead-based paint, and the polyurethane adds a protective coating, prevents any future paint from flaking, and amplifies the richness of the colors.

As I was doing my thing, the guys were making good progress with the ceiling.

Our Beadboard Installation Project in Bryan - Living Vintage

When they were about 3/4 of the way done with the ceiling .

I started on the other side of the room, polyurethaning.  The room was big enough and I knew I wouldnt get in their way.

Plus, we were trying to be as efficient as possible.  We had labor and travel expenses we were trying to minimize!

Of course, we covered up the bookshelves with plastic before I got started.  The guys also installed the trim on part of the ceiling so that I could paint it.  We simply ripped down pieces of beadboard to make the trim.

This photo gives you a really good idea how polyurethane deepens a color.

OK, so thats HOW we did our project.

All thats left to do is to show you the finished work!

Here it is!

(Please note that the colors in the beadboard look extra vivid because the stain polyurethane was still wet when these photos were taken.  The vividness will fade a bit after the polyurethane dries.)

Heres a view towards the kitchen.    Katie and Ryan are going to patch the hole where the window used to be.

Heres a view towards Katie and Ryans living room.

We thought it was so pretty, and we were proud of our work.  More importantly, the homeowners were thrilled with it!



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