Painted Ceilings The 5th Wall Chicago Interior Designer, Jordan Guide

Painted Ceilings  The 5th Wall Chicago Interior Designer, Jordan Guide

Chicago Interior Designer, Jordan Guide

Painted Ceilings The 5th Wall

Dark Painted Ceiling & Partial Wall

I think it is safe to say that most ceilings are ignored when redecorating is in progress. Most people toil over what color to paint the walls, or which wall should be the accent and what color that accent should  be.  In the end, the walls are covered in a fresh coat of paint and the ceiling remains white.  As an interior designer, I too have left most ceilings white for one reason or another, but every so often I run across the right situation and a courageous client who allows their ceiling to join in the fun. I have recently completed a residential project (above) that included a living room that was the perfect candidate for a dark painted ceiling. Although the client absolutely loves it now, it wasnt an easy sell. In fact, most people wouldnt want to deviate away from the white ceiling. It is not because they didnt have the ceiling heights or imagination to go for it, but rather they are simply accustomed to the norm and never considered the ceiling as The 5th Wall.  Lets explore.

Sitting Area with Dark Painted Ceilings and Warm Walls

This cozy sitting area by Douglas Levine has warm toned linen wallcovering and a dark painted ceiling that almost disappears.  I would estimate the actual ceiling height to be about 10ft, but with the ceiling painted it appears taller.  Blocks of light colors in the rug helps to contrast the dark elements within the room.

Semi-Gloss Mocha Painted Ceiling

This Benjamin Moore inspirational room has a semi-gloss mocha colored paint to reflect light downward.  Although it is difficult to apply a semi-gloss paint on large field without seeing roller trails, this image is an excellent display of how a medium-toned ceiling color can warm up a space without shrinking its appearance.  Even using a darker toned metallic paint instead of a gloss or semi gloss will also have this reflective effect.

Dark Chocolate Paint Covers Walls and Ceiling

It is difficult to imagine this dining room without the dark chocolate ceiling to mimic the walls and flooring.  These dark elements are contrasted by the off-white base/crown molding that ties into the cream colored furniture.  The blue inner chair upholstery and drapery trim adds just a touch of elegance and flair in perfect proportion.  This is one dining room certain to make your mouth water!

Dark Painted Ceiling with Medallion

Painted Ceilings  The 5th Wall Chicago Interior Designer, Jordan Guide

This dining room has incredible ceiling heights and a hearty abundance of molding on the ceiling and walls.  The off-white color of walls, trim and window treatments are a beautiful contrast to the black floors and ceiling.   The gorgeous details of the ceiling medallion would have been lost if it werent for the black contrast ceiling paint.   Also notice the selective area of black paint within the dining room molding square, but not the ceiling square beyond the molding threshold.  This was well thought out and balanced.

Bright Colored Ceilings Punch Up A Room

This mauve-pink color may not be for everyone, but it definitely makes a statement in an otherwise standard setting.  Designer Sara Story used a piece of artwork to inspire this ceiling color.   Afterall, the kitchen is the liveliest area of our home, so maybe youll think outside the paint can next time around.

Black Plank Ceilings Defines Edges and Scale

This Hamptons home was revamped by interior designer Steven Gambrel who installed this living rooms expansive black plank ceiling.  “Rather than making a space feel smaller, as you might expect,” Gambrel says, “it helps to define its outer edges, encouraging visual scale.”  Photo by Eric Piasecki for Elle Decor

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