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Kites added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper grocery bag, paint, markers, streamers, string

Directions: Decorate a paper grocery bag with paints, markers, streamers, etc. Attach a short string on both side securely. When the children run, air enters the

bag and it flies behind them.

Kite Bookmark added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, yarn, markets, crayons, fabric, scissors, glue

Directions: Cut two small kites the same size from paper & have kids decorate. Cut yarn 10 inches & place one end between kites then glue together. Cut 4 small bows from fabric & glue two back to back with yarn between them. Let dry & you have a


Kite Blots added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: paper, paint, streamers

Directions: Give each child a kite shapes cut out of white construction paper. Put a little paint in the middle of the kite shape. (Can use several different colors in desired.) Fold the kite in half, then open it up to see a cool design! Add a streamer for the tail.

Tissue Paper Kite added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Contact paper, tissue paper, paper, yarn

Directions: Cut a diamond shape from contact paper. Using pieces of torn or cut

tissue paper, decorate the kite shape. Use yarn for the tail. Attached construction paper bowtie shapes to the piece of yarn. Add another piece of contact paper on top a nd trim the edges. Hang from the ceiling, in a window, or on a bulletin board.

3 -D kites added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Wallpaper, sponges, paper, glue, ribbon

Directions: Let children cut out diamond shape kites using wallpaper. The kids can even trace around a cardboard diamond shape. Now cut a tiny square of sponge & glue this onto a piece of construction paper & place the kite shape on top of the tiny sponge adding some more glue. The sponge will make the kite stand out. We usually staple a piece of ribbon or yarn on the end of the kite for a tail. Let dry. The children might like to draw a background for the kites.

Kites: Paper Bag Kite added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper bags, Watercolors, paint, or markers, stickers, Streamers, tape or glue, string

Directions: Decorate a clean paper lunch bag. Use water colors, poster paints or markers. Add your favorite stickers or make your own. Cut four 16 inch streamers or ribbons. Glue or tape them to the bottom corners of the bag. For a handle cut a 20 inch length of string. Place the two ends of the string inside the bag, about 1 inch down from the edge of each of the side creases. Attach with masking tape.

Paper Kite Decorations added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Paper, scissors, glue, crepe paper strips.

Directions: Fold and cut out kite shape. Use various colors of paper scraps to create

spring kite designs. (flowers, butterflies, birds) Use crepe paper for tails.

Paper Plate Kite added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Large white paper plate, markers, paper punch, Ribbon, yarn, or string, streamers, scissors, stapler

Directions: Give the children a paper plate & let them color it. Use a paper punch to make 4 holes 1/4 inch from the edge of the plate. Punch one hole at the top of the plate, one at the bottom,& one on each side. Measure 4 pieces of string about 14 inches long each. Tie an end of one string through a hole with a tight knot. Repeat with the remaining strings, tying one string per hole. Tie the ends of 4 strings together above the front of the plate. Tie a 12 inch piece of yarn to this knot. Cut 4

streamers around 15 inches long each. Staple a streamer next to each hole in the plate.

Another Kite added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: All colors of paper, scissors, glue, streamers.

Directions: Cut a piece of paper into a diamond shape. Cut lots of small squares out of bright colored construction paper, and let the children collage their ‘kites’. Attach a streamer tail.

The Best Kite added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

Need: Tissue paper, plastic grocery bag, stapler, yarn

Directions: Make the best kite by stapling strips of tissue paper (Let the children pick the color.) on the bottom of an ordinary plastic grocery bag. Then tie a length of yarn, not too long on the handles. Let the kids run with them! They do not fly high like normal kites, but they are so much fun, and all children are successful at flying them!

Balloon Kite added 2-22-01 Original Author Unknown

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