Recessed Lighting Design

Recessed Lighting Design

Recessed Lighting Design

Recessed lighting designs can be used to spruce up the interiors and rightly illuminate the area. Here’s more about the same and the designs that you opt for.

While you work on refurbishing your house, recessed lighting is something that you must not miss out on. These lighting can add a unique element to interior designing. With this type of lighting the area gets a grand appearance. What’s more, you can have many options in terms of designs and lights used in this type of lighting.

Why Recessed Lighting?

You might wonder, why to consider adding these designs when there are many other options available. Basically, the lighting gives a cleaner and more streamlined look to the ceiling and hence the entire room where you install it. With this you won’t any longer need to have those hanging and wall mount light fixtures. This type of lighting provides enough illumination. With different lights of different wattage you can have the desired amount of illumination. What’s more, in a room where there are 10 recessed light fixtures, you can choose to have only 5-6 of them switched ‘On’ when lesser illumination is okay.

Design Ideas to Consider

There are a number of design options that you can opt for, considering the amount of area available. Firstly you can have designs with a simple ceiling. Simple ceiling meaning the one without a decorative POP so that the entire ceiling is at the same height. Remember that in no case should you add recessed home lighting in rows down the center of the room. Always place two lights at enough distance from each other. Also, it is best to have the lights either spread all over the ceiling or placed to form a border type design. For kitchen lighting, you can consider having lights evenly spread across the ceiling, so that entire area is nicely illuminated. With this, you can consider adding a decorative ceiling fan or chandelier lighting at the center as well.

Recessed Lighting Design

For those ceilings where POP is done, various designs can fit well. Curved styled designs in POP ceiling can create a good base for a design. You can have the lights fitted along the curve so as to create a great looking design. If there is a drop POP ceiling along the border of the room, you can have the lights fixed in this at equal intervals. In case of a drop ceiling bordering the room, instead of fitting lights on the drop part, you can fit them on the center part of the ceiling which is deeper, to create an illusion of depth.

While installing ceiling lighting in the center of the room, you can have recessed lights fixed in many ways. If this island is oval, add lights in a way to this island to form an oval design. If it is rectangular, add them to form a rectangle. A classic idea is to add recessed lights on sides of the island, so that they must not be visible and the light falls on the rest of the ceiling and the topmost side of the wall creating a dramatic effect. Remember you will need extra lighting for the lower area in this case. Bathroom lighting can consist of lights arranged in rows just to illuminate specific areas such as cabinets, mirrors, tub, or shower stall. Again you can choose to add the desired type and color of lights here.

Apart from these designs you can consider implementing many more ideas. Various types of fixtures, like those of the eye-ball type which can be moved in all directions according to the area you want to highlight are available in the market which you must checkout while buying the fixture. Sizes of these can also vary. While installing these lighting, make sure that in a room, you must have only one type and size of recessed light fixtures. So just install the lighting in your room and create an elegant space which everyone will adore.

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