Suspended Ceiling Ideas eHow

Suspended Ceiling Ideas eHow

Metal Strips

One option for your suspended ceiling is to use long metal strips typically made from aluminum or steel. They come in many colors and the length is customized to your space. These long strips are installed by clipping them into a base that is suspended from the original ceiling. The end result is a look that is long and linear with the strips of metal extending from one end of your space to the other. There are no gaps when the strips are snapped into the base correctly, but you can see the seams for a nice striped ceiling.

Pressed Metal Panels

Some suspended ceilings use panels made from pressed metal such as aluminum or copper. These pressed metal panels are made by pressing metal into a square or rectangular shape and they typically have an ornate design pressed into them to create visual interest. These are installed by sliding them into a grid work. Sometimes it is possible to buy a grid work that fits the panels. Otherwise, the grid work for a fiber board ceiling can be used instead, with minor modifications. Long pieces of wood can be suspended from the ceiling for the pressed metal panels to be attached to when the grid work isnt feasible.

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Suspended Ceiling Ideas eHow

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