What is the best way to soundproof a ceiling

What is the best way to soundproof a ceiling

What is the best way to soundproof a ceiling?

I can hear the TV from upstairs in my bedroom and I am going crazy!


If you have enough ceiling height an independent ceiling spanned between the walls and not suspended from the existing ceiling works. The ceiling should have 2 layers of 1/2 plasterboard (preferably accoustic grade) and the space between the joists filled with fibreglass. It’s important to have no gaps round the edges. Rockwool insulation between the joist. might be a bit unsightly but large egg trays I can sympathise with you because this is a nightmare situation. The only way is to install a false ceiling and place acoustic tiles above the false ceiling. Even then, there’s no guarantee of success. The false ceiling needs to be air tight because otherwise the sound wil leak through.

Like I said, a very very difficult situation. Our last flat was like this and we got a couple of quotes to do the work I describe- from acoustic specialist companies. Neither of them would GUARANTEE that the noise nuisance would be reduced. Eventually we had to move becaue the noise was affecting our quality of life.

Hope this helps. Basically there is no guaranteed way to stop the noise. The only way would be to get the upstairs neighbour to agree to the upheaval of lifting THEIR floorboards and packing insulation in between the joists. But you could do all this, and might still hear the noise. Sorry but nothing thin is going to make much difference.

6 of bricks & concrete wont stop it completely.

I’d move if I were you. If you ask your neighbour to turn it down they will probably make it worse. My brother inlaw was going to line his shed with egg cartons so his drum kit wasnt as loud. Sounds a little weird to me! Material draped across the ceiling in pretty colours not only blocks sound but can look lovely. Don’t know how much it cost but I expect it is expensive. nothing will help unless you plan on spending a lot of cash and hire an expert Try British Gypsum site. they have suspended ceiling system otherwise increase mass of the floor/ceiling and seal all edges .Sound deadening plaster may also help to reduce noise transmission. IF YOU HAVE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, YOU COULD ASK HIM TO HAVE THE T.V. UP HIGHER FROM HIS FLOOR. THE HIGHER HE HAS IT OFF HIS FLOOR, THE LESS NOISE WILL LEAK THRU TO YOUR APARTMENT. i ASSUME THAT YOU ARE RENTING AN APARTMENT? I BELIEVE THAT I HAVE HEARD ABOUT A SOUNDPROOFING CEILING AND YOU MIGHT ASK YOUR LANDLORD TO PUT 1 IN. One of the best ways is to put in a drop ceiling. 2 or so inches below what you have and then use the acoustic sections that are sold at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Many people use those and it is JUST for acoustics and to boot. the ceilings then look nice. They(the acoustic boards) are white and should NOT be painted in order to keep their acoustic propeties. loft insulation between the joists will help. a company called commercial ceiling factors (CCF) supply acoustic sound proof tiles or sheets.or call Studiospares they also sell acoustic sound proof tiles. or there are tile like boards that you place on the floor and you can sit the tv on it which will help stop sound travelling. Fill it with mineral wool. Also there is some stuff made from volcanic ash and its called Roxul. Make sure that there are no gaps. When you handle this stuff make sure you wear gloves, long sleeve shirt. safety glasses and respirator. This stuff is terrible, even after wearing all the protection you will itch all over for a day or so. A drop ceiling will help with some of the noise. Just make sure that you get the ceiling tile that have the little holes in them, they help absorb sound instead of reflecting it all over the house. You can try to armor your ceiling, but it could get pricey.

The sound can also go through the walls, so even if the ceiling could be impervious to sound you would hear it through the walls.

You might try talking to the neighbor to keep it down after 10 pm or get a carpet if he doesn’t have one. Also could he use headphones after 10 pm?

You might try moving your bed, there might be a slight advantage in another location.

You could try a CD with rainstorms or ocean noise to drown it out.

If it can’t be done cheaply or through asking for help from the TV viewer, find another place to live. This probably wont help you.

but when I was in costruction work, we had to double plasterboard the ceilings where a flat was above, or you could place lots of sand under floorboards upper floors? rather messy.

or pack lots of cotton wool in your ears if all else fails. An extra layer of plaster board will help, and it will also give an extra 30 minutes fire protection. egg boxes are a very bad idea as is anything that can burn, plaster board is used for fire protection. good quality insulstion or put in a false ceiling with insulation if you have no access from above I answered this question and posted it in the wrong place through no fault of my own look for your answer, in the gentleman answers, that asked: how close can you build -the distance between two brick buildings? sorry I didn’t feel like typing it again. Lividuva, You’re brother in law is correct, the shape of the eggboxes deflect the sound. You do not soundproof ceilings, you soundproof the floor above by fitting a layer of special chipboard panels from any DIY store, OK!

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