Why Use A Suspended Ceiling

Why Use A Suspended Ceiling


Автор Evelyn Mango (1 год)

What would happen in the event of an earthquake?

Автор mco15130 (1 год)

How can you possibly advocate covering sprinkler heads when a fire can

spread 300% in the first minute. BAD IDEA!

Автор Ceilume Ceiling Tiles (2 года)

You are right, with most ceiling tiles it is a very BAD idea, but not with

Ceilume. Our Feather-Light tiles are engineered to «drop out» of a ceiling

grid in the event of a fire, allowing the sprinklers to do their job. They

are tested, listed and approved by both UL (Underwriter’s Laboratory), and

FM (Factory Mutual Insurance), specifically for what is called «Concealed

Sprinkler Installation». You can visit the Technical Info section of the

Ceilume website for links to the specific listings

Автор Ceilume Ceiling Tiles (1 год)

Actually, because Ceilume tiles are engineered and approved for «Concealed

Sprinkler Installation», this installation type works great! In the event

of a fire, the tiles distort and drop from the grid, allowing the

sprinklers to do their job. Makes for a better looking and less expensive

suspended ceiling installation!

Автор Dan »Spiffy» Neuman (1 год)

The only real downside to suspended ceilings is that they lower your

ceiling height. Drywall can be screwed directly to the joists. Where height

isnt an issue they can be a Godsend. It’s also pertinent to note that there

are a lot of tiles a lot nicer looking than what most people expect from a

drop ceiling.

Автор FilthyFletch (4 года)

But these tiles are very attractive and as stated make basement finishing

and stores look very nice while leaving open acess to wiring and plumbing.

Автор Ceilume Ceiling Tiles (1 год)

Great comment Dan. And now there are some good direct-mount grid systems

available, like CeilingLink, that only require a couple of inches. This

keeps the loss of ceiling height to an absolute minimum, yet gives you all

the great benefits of a suspended ceiling, including a selection of styles

that look a whole lot better than those old drop ceilings!

Автор Ceilume Ceiling Tiles (1 год)

Absolutely. people often have suspended ceilings in bedrooms,

particularly in basement conversions where access to plumbing, etc. is

required. Using decorative ceiling tiles instead of standard mineral fiber

is a great to provide the required access AND to have a beautiful ceiling!

Автор Ceilume Ceiling Tiles (1 год)

Roll insulation was probably laid on top of your existing ceiling tiles to

improve their acoustic performance. That is not really how the tiles, or

the insulation, was designed, and can be pretty inconvenient to work with.

Within the next 6 weeks we are introducing a new product called Soniguard

that is specifically designed for this purpose. Pre-cut to size, and

«non-itchy», Soniguard will make improving acoustic and thermal performance

of your suspended ceiling a whole lot easier!

Автор Ceilume Ceiling Tiles (4 года)

Автор Stephen Pirpiris (2 года)

In your video your suspended ceiling is blocking your sprinkler, that can’t

possibly be a good idea

Автор perplankton (2 года)

Floating ceiling tile is not the only way to go for a basement. Why would

you say that?

Автор thewildlifecrew (1 год)

I like the way that looks. clean etc. I’m going to attempt to update my

exhisting drop ceiling and insulation by myself. Why is my (rolled)

insulation laying right on top of my drop ceiling tiles? I now understand

the reflective paper attached to the inside of the roof and I like it, but

Why Use A Suspended Ceiling

will I need more than that?

Автор Ceilume Ceiling Tiles (1 год)

Great question! Ceilume’s feather-light tiles are specifically designed,

tested and approved by Underwriter’s Laboratories and Factory Mutual

Insurance for exactly this type of installation. Commonly called “drop out”

tiles, or “melt out” tiles, at 150 degrees F our tiles release from the

grid, getting out of the way so that the sprinklers can do their job. It

isn’t about the speed of the fire’s spread, but the temperature: when the

fire is there, our tiles aren’t!

Автор FilthyFletch (4 года)

The sprinkler part depends on your areas code in Illinois Chicago area the

heads have to be exsposed through the tiles

Автор Ceilume Ceiling Tiles (1 год)

Great question! The tiles are very light weight and flexible, so in most

cases they will stay right in the grid and «ride it out». In the event that

a tile does fall, because of Ceilume’s feather-light construction, if a

tile does drop it will do so harmlessly.

Автор nullins (3 года)

I’ll certainly use you guys when I buy a home. You make it so easy.

Автор Ceilume Ceiling Tiles (2 года)

You’ve got a point there. other options are certainly available for

basement ceilings! But for people who may need access to the plumbing,

electrical, and heading ducts that are often concealed in or hung from the

floor joists that form the ceiling of most basements, a suspended ceiling

does provide the unique and convenient ability to access those systems

easily and quickly, without altering the finished ceiling itself. Thanks

for the comment!

Автор GlamorIsTechnique (1 год)

Would you be able to use it in a bedroom?

Автор GripZx3 (4 года)

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