A Ceiling Medallion Makes A Unique Wall Hanging Hopewell Homestead

A Ceiling Medallion Makes A Unique Wall Hanging Hopewell Homestead

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A Ceiling Medallion Makes A Unique Wall Hanging

Ive had this pretty ceiling medallion hanging around my place for a while (not on my ceiling).  My friend acquired it at a yard sale, and then gave it to me while I was helping her move.  I love the details in it, but it is definitely too busy for my dining room ceiling.

Ive also been trying to think of something for one of the other walls in my bedroom, so I decided I would give the old medallion a face lift.  What do you think?

If you are not familiar with a ceiling medallion, you can check out this Architectural Depot site for more info.  My medallion was a urethane model that had obviously been used because the opening in the center was beat up a bit.  This is what it looked like before.

The first thing I did to it was to spray paint it.  I used Rust-oleum Painters Touch Ultra Cover in Satin Nutmeg.

It has been difficult to find a place to spray paint this winter, so I was forced to brave the outdoor elements.

(Yes.  I spray painted the grass.  It was so darn breezy that I just gave up on the paper and hoped my husband wouldnt notice the brown patch in the yard!)

I gave it two coats of spray paint, letting it dry completely between applications.  I let the second coat of spray paint dry overnight and then I applied the darker glaze to give it an antique look.  (I used the Ralph Lauren Faux Technique Glaze tinted with Martha Stuarts Library Mahogany Color.)

I just sponged it on with a cloth and after about 8 minutes I rubbed it with a clean cloth, which left the darker color to highlight the details.

In fact, I rubbed a little too much off, so then I just added a little more glaze and worked it around until it looked just right.  I love the antique feel it gives the piece and it is super easy to work with.  Oh BTW.take my advice and wear plastic gloves of some type.

Once the glaze was dry, I was ready to add my center.  You didnt think I was gonna hang it on my wall with that ugly hole in the center did you?

See that cute blue plate on the left side of the picture?  Yepits the perfect fit for that gaping hole.

Now I do not claim to know anything about plate collecting.  I know some people are very knowledgeable in that area, and if you, dear reader, are informed, perhaps you could let me know the value (high or low) of the plate I am about to defile for the sake of my wall hanging.

This is the plate close up

and this is the stamp on the back

Now with that said (plate collectors may want to divert their eyes for this one), I glued the plate to the medallion with my trusty hot glue gun like so

A Ceiling Medallion Makes A Unique Wall Hanging Hopewell Homestead

And this is how it turned out when the glue was set.

I hung it on the wall using the hole in the back

Viola!  My new wall hanging fits the room perfectly.

I just love all of the detail in the ceiling medallion.  A wall of these medallions of different sizes with mirrors in the middle would be very pretty too.

Well, Im off to the 9-5 gig but check back with me tomorrow when I reveal my accent wall in the kitchen and I show you my weekend thrifting treasures.

Wendy Sue The Hopewell Homesteader

BTWthe glaze was not cheap, but I purchased it with a future furniture refinish project in mind and I only used a tiny bit on this wall hanging.

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