Advice On Applying Wall Texture

Advice On Applying Wall Texture

Advice On Applying Wall Texture

by admin on October 16, 2012

Applying wall textures is similar to most surface finishing techniques and can produce great results for contemporary wall decor.

Wall textures are usually used to create a coarse effect. The process is slightly more fidgety than other techniques. In order to get a good effect it can take time.

First thing is to do is select the spaces in which to use it. I have seen a wall texture work well in a beach house. There were samples of textured walls throughout, swirls were added to a bathroom ceiling and sand effects added to the interior walls. They provided interesting patterns and developed a strong coastal theme.

Texturing walls how to guide

Heres how to apply DIY wall textures.

The technique and equipment required used for adding wall textures is the similar to plastering. You will need to acquire the following

  • Pattern rollers
  • Sponge
  • Plastic sheets
  • Bucket
  • Painters tape
  • Joint compound
  • Water-based primer
  • Trowel
  • Mesh tape

Sand as texture By adding some sand to the paint you can achieve a subtle coarse wall effect.

Blown on texture Using an aerosol spray which come with different nozzles can create a range of different textures effects. Especially useful if you plan to add texture to a large surface area.

Sprayed on wall texture

Applying Wall Texture Orange Peel Texture

Texture adds beautiful affects to the wall, and because it is apply on the wall, the texture has to be durable and and easy to wash and paint.

Usually you can do with spraying equipment the same as you do on your ceiling. To make certain texture, adjust the size of the nozzle opening and the force of the air pressure.

Or you can buy texture compound to create these texture. For best result, you can buy all purpose joint compound which mix thoroughly with water.

Orange peel texture Achieve by thinning the join compound with water. This texture can be applied directly over a freshly taped drywall surface. To apply, hold on the spray nozzle at 2 ft to 3 ft distance from the wall and spray evenly. Make sure to mix each batch same thickness of joint compound and nozzle opening at same setting throughout the job.

Knockdown texture Made from a coarser consistency compound than an orange peel texture. Same instructions as orange peel texture but in knockdown texture, after applying to drywall you have to wait for 10 minutes and use a large flat trowel with a curved blade to knock down the raised surface of the texture. Pull the trowel lightly along the surface and hold the blade almost flat and applying very little pressure. For best result, pull the trowel perpendicular to drywall seams and move in one direction. Always prime the surface before you do. If you have an irregular and wavy surface, I dont recommend this texture application.

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