Asbestos Ceiling Removal Cost

Asbestos Ceiling Removal Cost

Asbestos Ceiling Removal Cost

Asbestos ceiling removal cost is not exactly low. Of course it depends on the extent of the ceiling and how damaged it is. Scroll down to find out more about this.

A few decades back, asbestos ceilings were in vogue. In the past few years though, with a lot of information being passed on the Internet as well as by those in the field of construction and the like about the harmful effects of asbestos, homeowners are opting to keep asbestos at bay. Asbestos, as we all know is toxic and can have harmful effects on health if its fibers or particles are airborne and a person is exposed to them. Removing asbestos then, is an issue which needs to be given a thought in this regard. There are professionals who do this and in case you are contemplating a remodeling of your house in case it has an asbestos ceiling, the cost and time required for asbestos ceiling removal are the main concerns. What you are going to read further will be about the former.

Cost of Asbestos Ceiling Removal

Primarily, the individual home and the conditions have a major impact on the ceiling removal cost. It also depends on the company you hire as to how much you would have to shell out. Some companies have a basic cost (however big or minor the project might be) while some charge as per the extent and difficulty of the removal. Quite a few times the asbestos removal cost is per square foot. Elucidating the price of asbestos ceiling removal for you below.

The Basic Cost

If you are looking at complete removal of the asbestos ceiling, typically, do not expect to pay less than $2 per square foot. So considering the mathematics, if let’s say the house measures 2,500 square foot, the charges can hover around $5000 and probably a bit more for complete removal of the ceiling. That is, though a very rare thing. Let us say that the ceilings of the house have been inspected and it is found out that the asbestos exposure is only in some areas and not very tricky, then the cost may come down to around $1000 or a bit less for a house with the same measurement. It applies to asbestos floor tile removal cost as well. This is because, instead of removing it completely, the asbestos in some parts of the ceiling can be contained. Now this, as described earlier can vary depending on the amount of asbestos there is and sometimes the primary material for ceiling may not be asbestos, but it can contain asbestos. For instance, consider a sprayed acoustic cottage cheese ceiling, which in a few cases might have as much as 40% asbestos content. Cost of getting such ceilings removed can be real hard on the pocket, ranging between $6 to $30 for a square foot.

Along with this, what some contractors do is sometimes they charge a minimum of $2,000 or so, irrespective of how minor or expansive the job of asbestos removal is. On the other hand, some companies may charge $500 or so for removing a small portion of asbestos ceiling.

Additional Charges

In addition to the above costs, be prepared to pay an inspector for before you go for an asbestos ceiling removal. The charges for the inspection can range between $450 to $900 for a house measuring 1,500 square feet. This includes lab fees for sample analysis too. If you want a re-inspection, be ready with around $300 to $400 more. Independent lab work may cost anything between $30 to $80. Asbestos tile removal cost too is in the same range.

If you want to save on asbestos ceiling removal cost, you might think of going about a do it yourself asbestos removal procedure, but the experts and professionals in this area opine that it is better not to do so. For ensuring that your project is foolproof, have one company check out the area in question and the other do the actual work. Then again have the first company see the finished work.

Finally, seal off the exposed area from the other parts of the house when the asbestos ceiling removal is going to be done. Please take all the precautionary measures while the work is being done. That is more important than the cost! Take care!

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