Baby Its Cold Inside!

Im freezing. Yes, Im in the house sitting at my desk but my hands are numb and I think frost bite must be setting in.

All joking aside not having insulation in the living room is not ideal. Last weekend we successfully cut the HVAC vents to the closed in garage so that we can eventually use it for its intended purpose of housing our cars. We rerouted two of the four vents to the sunroom. It wasnt vented when we bought the house and Im looking forward to keeping the french doors open. We moved the existing vents out of the middle of the ceiling and to a much better suited area close to the walls. All we have left to do is:

  • Wire the switches for the outside porch lights, fireplace lights, and living room lights
  • Route cable to the living room wall where the TV will live
  • Jack up and add some support to a few sagging joists
  • Install insulation

Notice I didnt mention add drywall to the ceiling Weve decided to clad it in wood.

I was inspired by Layla and Kev over on The Lettered Cottage. They recently clad their ceiling. We chose to do this because 1. I love the cottage effect and 2. it keeps me from having to rent a drywall lift and sand all those seams!

Heres how Layla and Kevs looked in the process:

I love the effect! So we headed to Lowes to get our supplies and found out that our region doesnt carry the Economy grade planks they only carry the Stain grade planks. Since were going to paint or perhaps whitewash the planks I didnt see a need to spend double the cost at $17.98 vs $8.77. So we spoke to the Millwork guy and he happily made a call to the manufacturer to place our special order. The good news is that its ordered, the bad news is its backordered until December So well have insulation up but will have to wait for the planks to come in to install those and the lights.

I just cant wait to have insulation so that I can feel better about turning up the heat!

This weekends To Do List:

  • Wire the switches for the outside porch lights, fireplace lights, and living room lights
  • Route cable to the living room wall where the TV will live
  • Jack up and add some support to a few sagging joists
  • Install insulation
  • Remove closet by fireplace

Complete project to do list before our Thanksgiving Feast:

  • The above
  • Install drywall on the sides and back of fireplace
  • Find and install mantle
  • Install drywall in the hallway ceiling and patch the top of the walls that were dropped
  • Paint (living room, hallway, and fireplace)
  • Install trim around sunroom windows

DIY Projects Planned:

  • Painted rug for living room
  • Make a coffee table
  • Create new TV stand with salvaged wood and current Besta Ikea unit
  • Create tree trunk clad panels for above fireplace

Im off to work on the painted rug mentioned above! Wish me luck!

Its Been A Long Time

we shouldnt have left you, without a dope beat to step to Now that Ive got that lyric outta my head let me update you on why weve been gone so long!

First Im a bad blogger. You see, I blog for my job and that takes up at least 2-3 hrs a day. Then I get side tracked on projects we have going on here which I will cover in just a few moments. By the time B gets home, its time for dinner and a little relax time and I try very hard to make that time a no computer time. That means that this little ole blog gets neglected. That being said, B has announced hed like to help with the blogging so I am going to show him how its done therefore youll be hearing from him too in the very near future! Im sure there will be some embarrassing moments for me cause hed love nothing more and its one of the things he LOVES to do. Truth be told, it makes for some really good stories. Now that the announcement has been made, let me update you on what weve got going on!

You remember the living room, right?

Sorry for the bad iPhone photosWe knew the ceiling was sagging when we bought the house and that it would have to be replaced. Once the bedroom ceiling fell we realized what a monster we were dealing with. The CeilHeat, radiant heating plastered into the drywall, made it 2 or 3 times as heavy as normal drywall would have been and since it was just nailed up there, it was working its way out. We knew it was only a matter of time until we came home and found the living room ceiling in the floor so now that the kitchen is 98% complete (I PROMISE photos very very soon) this was the next priority. Have I mentioned that we really had it in our minds to paint this Pink Monster this year since its almost November I dont see that happening.

So I called up a contractor to get a quote to remove the ceiling in the living room area and the hall. The hall had been dropped down to accommodate duct work back when the HVAC had originally been installed but had been at some point abandoned and since a 7ft hallway can really make you feel claustrophobic, I wanted it back to the normal 8ft.

You can kind of see the drop in this photo. Anyway the contractor came by and gave us a quote for just removing the ceiling in those two areas. B and I had decided wed tackle putting everything back to save a little bit of money. The quote came back much higher than expected and so we decided to save ourselves about 2K by doing the demo ourselves. We called up Waste Management and had this baby delivered!

We have basically filled this up with drywall, 24s, and bags and bags of blown in insulation. This is what it looked like half way through the removal.

Did I mention there were 2 and sometimes 3 layers of drywall on this ceiling. What the What people! Do not add layer upon layer, do it right even if its the messiest job on the planet, Okay. I should also mention that we wore massive respirators, gloves, goggles, and painting suites to keep us save during all this. Safety first! Youre lungs and eyes will thank you later.

Notice anything aside from the ceiling mess? If you guessed you removed the brick half walls with trim divided that the room into unmanageable space you are RIGHT! Yipee! The living area is so roomy now! So ready to see what we have in mind for this space?

How about.

Lets see if we can get this pulled off by Christmas, shall we. Well actually we are hopping most everything will be done by Thanksgiving. We are having our very first Thanksgiving at home this year and we couldnt be more excited! Anyway Im off to work on the other 2% of the kitchen this afternoon and I really do plan on having photos very very soon! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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