Fix a leaky roof to avoid a house disaster! -

Fix a leaky roof to avoid a house disaster! -

Fix a leaky roof to avoid a house disaster!

By Kelly Sundstrom

You may think that leaky roofs are easy to spot, but they often go undetected until you have extensive.

You may think that leaky roofs are easy to spot, but they often go undetected until you have extensive water damage to your home. Not all roof leaks reveal themselves with dripping water. A lot of times, a roof leak can continue undetected until large water spots appear or there’s even a sinking or falling ceiling. If you suspect a water leak in your roof, contact an Atlanta-based roofer right away. Waiting will only increase the water damage. and your repair bill!

How do you know if a roof leak exists? You can find signs of a water leak without actually going into the roof. This can help you identify a leak and contact a Georgia roofer quickly, avoiding more severe damage. Many people do not realize that unusual spots or drips can come from a roof leak. Make sure to notate and examine your entire home for any signs of a leak. For example, you can look for the following:

  • A higher-than-normal water bill can indicate a leak, especially if the leak become larger. This type of leak could result from damaged or leaking water pipes in the walls or roof.
  • Fix a leaky roof to avoid a house disaster! -
  • Brown or tan patches and streaks on the ceiling could indicate a roof leak caused by either damaged pipes or exposure to the outdoor elements. Once these patches appear, you could have more severe water damage in your roof and ceiling.
  • Unexplained puddles of water on the floor, or dripping water along the ceiling and walls. Puddles and drips on the floor and walls may not mean that a leak exists in the walls. These leaks could expose a potential leak in your roof as well.
  • Sagging or drooping ceilings. When a roof leak become extensive or severe, you will notice the ceilings will start to droop and sag. This indicates that the roof could cave in, causing massive damage to the home and possible harm to its inhabitants.

When you hire a professional roofer in Georgia, he will inspect and evaluate your home to locate the source of the leaky roof and can give you an estimate for how long the repairs will take and how much they will cost you. Roof repair costs vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage. Although the cost of your repairs may seem high, it will cost you a lot more if you wait to have the repairs completed. Water damage only gets worse if ignored, potentially creating a disastrous and dangerous situation for you and your family.

Depending on the severity of the roof repair work, you could end up spending time in a hotel or rental house. You should include any rental or hotel costs into your overall budget for your roof repair work. Roof repair often requires exposing sections of the roof. Construction crews working on the roof will have equipment and lumber around your home and possibly in the yard, so your home may become dysfunctional and unsightly. Do not worry though—this only means that your roof will become leak-free quickly. Staying out of the way of the roofers will help this process along and will enable the workers to complete the repairs in a timely manner.

When you consider buying a home, have the roof inspected by a licensed home inspector in Georgia to make sure that no leaks exist. Any leaks decrease the value of the house. This means that you might end up dealing with a much larger house issue later on that could cost you a lot of money. A home inspector knows exactly what to look for to make sure for certain that the house does not have any water damage or leaks in the roof. If leaks exists in a home you really love, you could still end up purchasing the home. However, you will need to calculate the costs of roof repairs or a replacement roof into the cost of the house. A leak in a roof does not only happen to old homes. Newly built homes can also have water leaks when constructed poorly or improperly.

With a water-tight, sound roof in place on your home, you can feel comfortable and dry in your home without worrying about the roof caving in or a puddle of water forming on the floor. When you have a drip-free roof, the entire home becomes more safe. If you feel concerned about the safety and stability of your home due to a potential leak, contact your Atlanta roofing professional to find out how to identify and eliminate roof leaks.

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