Green Bean Mouse in house scratching in wall and ceiling

Green Bean Mouse in house scratching in wall and ceiling

Mouse in house — scratching in wall and ceiling Well, today I received an e-mail from my property manager: Today I spoke with the pest control guy for an update. He said that he had been there this morning and has now caught a total of 8 mice. He is confident now that the noises you have been hearing are from mice. He has put the poison around, specifically around the pipes in your neighbour above and around the stairwells. He thinks that he will have to continue the treatment for the mice outside and of course plans will have to be put into place for the repair or installation of a bulkhead at the top of the underside of the stairs to prevent these rodents from getting back into the ceiling area. The noises have, for the most part, been less frequent and less intense the last week or so. The last time I heard the loud, crashing sounds was last Thursday (March 17). I still hear scratching sounds every now and then, but they are more faint and not as intense as before. So maybe their population is dwindling or the poison is starting to take their effect. Whatever the case, it is quieter now than just a couple of weeks ago, and I can finally start getting some sleep! Genesis, GetMiceOut and Mebbie, did you ever get your problems solved? I hope, for your sake, that you have. Anyway, I will post here again in about two weeks to let you know if the noises have gone for good or not. Hi asmack — I’m glad to hear that you are finally able to get some sleep. It sounds like the pest control guy has made a lot of progress recently and that the management company is in the process of resolving the rest of the issues. I am out of town on business at the moment, but as of Monday night, I had not heard any signs of scratching in my walls for over a month. I am hoping that any critters that might have been in there have now gone to critter heaven. I did see a little mouse outside in the common area, but perhaps he was new and hadn’t visited the baiting stations yet. As long as it is outside and doesn’t find a way in, life is good. I hope that your nightmare will be ending soon. Good luck and thanks for the update! Thanks for the updates folks. I’m glad to hear that everyone is doing better these days. It just goes to show you that with a little investigating and persistence, even the worst of problems can get solved. Take care, Jay Just a quick update. Yesterday (Sunday, March 27, 2005), after about 10 days of relative silence and just faint scratching noises which were getting fainter and fainter with each passing day, I heard loud scurrying sounds once again. They were in the ceiling in my living room and in my bathroom. It sounded like something was moving against metal ducts again, and the motion was quite furious. Not as loud as during the peak time when I was making recordings, but loud enough to wake me from an afternoon nap. I guess this extermination thing is gonna take a while. These little buggers sure are stubborn survivors, that’s for sure! Sorry to hear that the sounds have returned, asmack. Have they gotten around to resolving the issue with the paneling underneath your stairs yet? It sounds like you may have problems until they finally get around to doing something about that. I hope that the pest control guy is able to do his thing and that your nightmare will be over soon. Hang in there! Hi folks, I went on vacation for a week in the hopes that I would come back to no mice. No such luck. The apt complex placed rat bait above my spare bedroom dryer vent. Which is not the vent they are coming in. and it has been up there for a couple of weeks with no affect. The sonic things also had no affect. Last night I heard a variety of mice — small little feet running around and big feet that sounded like they were dragging and running into things up there. I called the rental office AGAIN today and they said It’s a feature that we aren’t even making you pay for! Wow. a comment made is jest can really infuriate me. Anyway, today was the final straw. The exterminator apparently came over, walked around, and walked back out. As far as I can tell, they didn’t even make an effort. This has gotten bad enough that I am not even sleeping in my bedroom anymore. I sleep on my horrible pullout couch just so I can get some sleep. I have to ask how I can even justify paying rent anymore. Ugh. Anyway, I have written a nice letter that is being sent to the Regional Property Manager. and I am ccing in the Loudoun County Health Department. Incidentally, Loudoun County has a big website with information about the hantavirus. It worked in nicely in my letter. I’d like to attach copies of websites that provide information on more invasive ways to exterminate the mice. That is, is there a site that describes use of a small hole to look up in the ceiling? Can anybody make any recommendations? Asmack, I am happy to hear you are getting some results, even if they don’t last long. At least you seeing (or hearing) some sort of progress. Mebbie EDIT: I take back the part about the exteriminator doing nothing. I found more glue traps behind my bed last night (that makes a total of 4 behind my bed). Mebbie, I am so sorry for what you’re going through, and I can totally sympathize. Have you tried recording the sounds? Also, you may have to get another exterminator. I hope you’ll find relief from your rodent problem soon. As for my problem. Well, it’s been nearly a week since I have heard any noise. The last time was around 7 am, April the 4th. Since then, not even faint scratching—nothing. And believe me, I have been listening very carefully! The pest guy said that he set up lots of traps and put enough poison to kill an army of mice. I think this is what finally did it. Now all we need to do is get that big hole sealed up so that this will never happen again. Also, the area around the pipes in my neighbor’s place upstairs needs to be sealed up as well. This is the only way to ensure that mice won’t ever again get into the void space between my ceiling and my neighbor’s floor upstairs. At best, traps and poison are only a temporary, band-aid solution—we need to cut off the point of entrance. Anyway, if I do hear any more noises, I will definitely post again. I really, really, really hope the mice are all gone this time. I am soooo glad that we didn’t have to drill 8 to 10 inch holes in my ceiling—the thought of mice and mice droppings falling through into my living space gave me the creeps! I guess I got my hopes up too soon. Just now, at 6:40 pm, I heard a loud noise in my living room that sounded like whatever is up there is back. It sounded like a large volume of wood and dust fell directly vertically onto my ceiling as it scurried very quickly across my ceiling. It was probably the loudest sounds I have ever heard to date. I had heard faint scratching noises earlier in the afternoon coming from the direction of high up and outside but these were so faint and infrequent that I dismissed them. I should have known better. if the noise comes back, I suggest getting an exorcist. I agree with asmack, Mebbie. I sounds like you should find another exterminator that is willing to take stronger measures than just putting some glue traps behind your bed. (You could have done that yourself and it is useless if the critters haven’t found a way inside your unit.) I hope you are able to light a fire under your property management and get them to finally do something about your problem. Good luck and hang in there! asmack, sorry to hear about your never-ending nightmare. I hope that it ends soon! Hang in there!

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Green Bean Mouse in house scratching in wall and ceiling

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