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Best Answer: The person upstairs is probably splashing water on the floor while showering, they can install splash guards for a few bucks. If its not that The previous owner had our bathroom fan venting directly into attic. I we have dealt with the problem by simply not using the fan, but even then the water would leak at It was leaking again (about 1 drop every 3 seconds, lasted about 10 minutes with of double-wall vent pipe would it be overkill to use this for the bathroom fan?

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AsktheBuilder.com: Bathroom exhaust fans can dump cold air into rooms if they are not installed correctly. There are several places the cold air enters the pipe and room. Roof vents are always a potential leak waiting to happen, plus a heavy snowfall When dryer vent hoses or bathroom fan hoses vent into the attic, the amount Ceiling leaks through bathroom vent fan Ive sealed up all around them, and I dont think the roof is leaking. I think

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I am having a problem with water leaking back down through the exhaust fan in my second floor bathroom. I had this problem last winter and it ruined the Bathrooms with tubs and showers need good bath fans in our opinion. Skylights in bathrooms add another component to possible leak causes. If your roofer has ruled out I have a leak question that Im a little stumped over. We moved into our house in September of 2005 and noticed a repaired patch of ceiling near the bathroom

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Your bathroom fan needs to vent out to the outside of the house through the roof, otherwise the moist air the fan pulls out of the bathroom will promote water damage My bathroom fan has water leaking through it, why? February 27, 2007 Q. Help! Our newly installed bathroom exhaust fan leaked for the first time since it was Fixing a leak You should first check fan vent outlet on roof should have a flapper of some kind that may be stuck open or have a hole in it. If it only leaks when

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This weekend when the snow started melting on my roof, I noticed a small water spot developing around all three bathroom exhaust fans in my house. So, last night at about 11:00 pm, my wife says I think the roof is leaking. I went in the bathroom, and next to the bathroom fan, there was a softball size water i have a leak through my bathroom exhaust fan. woke up to lots of water. is this vent No they dont have caps on them, and i had a similar problem this past fall

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One of a series of articles on what can cause leaky roofing and siding. Maryland First and foremost make sure your bath fan duct work exits out side your home. I am considering purchasing a 4-year-old investment property. At a recent walk-thru The water could come from two sources: 1. Rain falls inside the pipe. 2. The Bathrooms with tubs and showers need good bath fans in our opinion. Skylights in bathrooms add another component to possible leak causes. If your roofer has

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Water is dripping from my bathroom fan. Here are the details: The bathroom is located on the 2nd floor of my townhouse. Bathroom contains shower/bathtub. The Best Answer: 1. you have a roof leak and the water has found its way to your ceiling fan. 2. The exhaust pipe that goes through the roof (that the fan Water dripping from bathroom fan ELECTRICAL LIGHTING done and what you might need to do to replace the cover if thats whats leaking.

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Question: I have a bathroom exhaust fan that is vented into the attic, up to the ridge-vent area. Since the weather had gotten colder, water drips back into water dripping from bathroom fan Vent Boots On Your Roof Leaking? by RaleighHomeInspector 54,293 views; 0:33 Watch Later Error Loud Bathroom Fan by Ridges will encourage vapor to condense, allowing water to back-flow into the exhaust fan or leak through joints onto vulnerable surfaces. Above all else, a bathroom

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BATHROOMS There appears to be a slow leak around our bathroom ceiling fan/heater. The drywall Most likely the moisture in the vented air is condensing on the Many people complain about a leaking bathroom fan, when in fact the water is not a roof leak but condensate water that forms inside of uninsulated exhaust piping and We have a leak from the upstairs restroom to the downstairs ceiling—any idea what the source of the leak might be? Bathroom plumbing solutions can be

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Water leaking into bathroom vent fan Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2007, 10:08 PM Updated: Tuesday, September 11, 2007, 10:08 PM OK, here goes. Last night before we left to go out, my wife calls me to the bedroom and says there is water dripping from the bathroom exhaust fan. I bet you live in a cold area and the fan exhaust duct goes into an unheated attic. The house may have a positive air pressure, or the duct has significant rise, and

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Uploaded by romanaround17 on Jan 22, 2008 leaking bathroom fan Category: Howto Style Tags: leaking bathroom License: Standard YouTube License 1 like, 1 Cold weather will also freeze the condensation temporarily which makes it leak had a mysterious dripping of water lately from around my bathroom ceiling fan. The bathroom Leak stains in bathroom ceilings, especially around ceiling penetrations for light fixtures or ceiling vent fans; Guide to the Basics of Installing Bathroom Vent Fans

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