Liveable Home — Ceiling Insulation Top Up — The Greening of Gavin

Liveable Home - Ceiling Insulation Top Up - The Greening of Gavin

Liveable Home Ceiling Insulation Top Up

Our comfortable home transformation is nearly complete.  We now have thermally efficient ceiling insulation!  Boy, does it make a difference.

So let me take you on a ceiling insulation top up journey.

A while back we booked a thermal assessment for our home with ecoMaster. a local company who operate out of Gisborne.  They suggested that we needed to top up our ceiling insulation as the blown cellulose pulp (aka pulped newspaper) was not up to the job.  We kind of new that, because whenever I had ventured into the roof space, I noticed that there were always varying depths of the pulp on top of the ceiling plaster board.

So, we saved our pennies and booked the installation.

The team from ecoMaster arrived on time as promised, and the two gents, Garth and Alex were nice blokes who knew their stuff.  Funnily enough, they were just like us; green.

The product they used was called GreenStuf.  It is made from recycled PET bottles.

It also does not contain any formaldehyde which is sometimes used as a binder to hold the fibres together.  It is also made in Australia, so we are supporting local businesses.

Pretty cool stuff.  We love the fact ecoMaster uses products that are made from recycled materials.  When installed correctly, it provides an insulation value of R2.5.

The gents were kind enough to take some before and after photos for us while they were crawling around the roof space.  They even found some areas that were void of insulation completely.  No wonder we had rooms that were hot in summer.

Some of the spaces were fairly tight, so they certainly did a great job at fitting the stuff.  During their brakes, Garth and Alex learnt about all the cool things we do to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and I even gave them a tour.  They both talked about how they incorporate simple and sustainable living in their own lives.  It was very refreshing to talk to them both.

Closer to the edge of the eaves, they found more areas that were void of blown pulp.  I dont know how they crawled in there, but they covered up the gaps.

Bare extractor fan fitted with Top Hat

Liveable Home - Ceiling Insulation Top Up - The Greening of Gavin

Also there was a massive gap around the bathroom extractor fan, so they fitted a cover which is known as a top hat.  It has two flaps that rise up when the fan is turned on.  You can see that the gap is no more and the insulation is nice and tight around the top hat.

As for the downlight mitts that were installed a few weeks back, the insulation was able to be placed right up next to it.  No more gaps around the light fittings, and no more heat ingress through these ceiling holes.

So did it work?  Well today was proof that it did.  It was a unseasonally warm spring day at 28°C (82.4 F).  The inside temperature stayed a comfortable 22°C all day.  Additionally, a few days ago it got down to 5°C in the morning and it was still a very comfortable 18°C inside without any heating (not that we have had any on all winter).

And the cost?  All up it was $2107 including installation.  Oh, and Kim gave them a few bars of soap.  Not because they were dirty, but because no one leaves our place without a home-made gift!  It is just the way we are.

We are due to have double glazing installed mid-October, so that should also reduce the insulation factor of the north facing rooms, which get the hottest in summer.  Looking forward to having a more comfortable home during our Angry Summer and to reducing our reliance on air-conditioning!  It should save us swags off our power bill.


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