Matching Interior Design Colors, Home Furnishings and Paint Color Schemes

Matching Interior Design Colors, Home Furnishings and Paint Color Schemes

Matching Interior Design Colors, Home Furnishings and Paint Color Schemes

If you want to know how to select paint colors that perfectly match your home furnishings and emphasize interior decorating ideas, if you need to create harmonious room decorating and balanced interior color schemes, you can follow one of three approaches for choosing the matching interior design colors for your furnishings, ceiling, floor and walls.

It is not that difficult to select interior decor and home paint colors that create a beautifully matching interior design color scheme with your furniture, decor accessories, wall paint colors, wallpaper patterns or carpet colors. Creating a perfectly matching color scheme is particularly important for modern room decorating with stripes or any other geometric patterns.

The same approaches can be applied to your house exterior design. Selecting a matching exterior paint color scheme will compliment your house exterior and roof color. and add more appeal to your home. Monochromatic color schemes, combined with neutral colors, or bright and cheerful house exterior color schemes that are balanced and attractive, create gorgeous curb appeal.

Blue and cream bedroom decor, monochromatic blue color scheme

Monochromatic interior decorating color scheme

The easiest way to create harmonious home decor and interior paint color schemes (or exterior paint color schemes) is to choose monochromatic colors. Every primary color, when becomes darker or lighter, creates a beautiful interior painting color group of naturally matching colors.

For example, dark blue, medium light blue, very light blue, grayish blue and pale sky blue colors offer the monochromatic design color scheme for decorating with paint, wallpaper and home furnishings that looks very pleasant, pleasant and calm.

Monochromatic interior colors need to be slightly diluted with splashes of another interior design color. Red or pink color accents are great for adding energy to the monochromatic blue color scheme and accentuate the quiet and relaxing blue room decorating.

To match monochromatic interior colors you can add neutral color tones, using creamy white, white-gray, dark and light gray interior decorating colors.

Harmonious interior design color schemes

Another way to create attractive and balanced color schemes for interior painting, home furnishings and modern wallpaper patterns is to use two matching interior decorating colors. Interesting interior design ideas and balanced room colors create harmony, bring positive energy into interior design that improves mood and health.

If you like to use a few interior design colors. but do not like strong contrasts, choosing wallpaper patterns, room paint colors, home furniture and decor accessories, curtains, small decorations and rugs, that look harmonious together is easier, if you follow the list of proven and popular  interior decorating color schemes.

Matching interior design colors for bright and beautiful modern room decor

Matching interior design color schemes

You can choose interior design color that you like or already have in your existing room decor, then add one of matching interior colors to create stylish and colorful home decorating.

Red interior design color harmoniously matches white, blue, pink, orange, golden yellow, silver and black interior decorating items or room painting colors.

Bright orange can be combined with light and soft orange tones, white, red, pink, yellow, ocher, green, turquoise, blue, black and gray colors, creating beautiful and modern interior design .

All green shades match with lime, blue, yellow, brown, black and dark green home decor and paint colors.

Blue tones. coupled with green, sky blue, turquoise, all green-blue shades, red, purple, gray or golden interior design colors, create relaxing and peaceful home decor with modern interior color schemes.

Purple color looks great with blue, white, gray-blue, lilac, pink, gold, orange and light green wall paint colors, modern wallpaper patterns or room decor accessories.

Matching Interior Design Colors, Home Furnishings and Paint Color Schemes

Modern living room decorating with light purple wall paint color and bright red fabrics

Modern interiors with pink wallpaper patterns, pink room decor accessories, furniture upholstery fabrics, curtains, floor rugs or pink wall paint color can be decorated with matching interior design colors: red, white, beige, gray, coffee, soft green, light blue or lemon.

Yellow color creates warm, inviting and beautifully matching interior design with white, cream, green, blue, black and all shades of brown furnishings and room paint colors .

Brown tones need a touch of one of brighter colors. White, beige, blue, green and golden colors are perfect for complementing brown wall painting, home furnishings and modern wallpaper in brown color.

Modern interiors, decorated withgray wallpaper patterns, gray paint colors and home furnishings in gray color, benefit from black, pink, green, blue, cream and white decorating ideas. Architectural elements and home furnishings in these colors beautify interior design with matching room furniture, home decor accessories, interior paint or modern wallpaper patterns.

Matching interior decorating color schemes for strong contrasts

Purple and yellow living room design color scheme, purple wallpaper with stripes, purple and yellow furniture upholstery

Strong contrast color combinations create the most exciting, energetic and bright home decor, fabulous wallpaper patterns and interior paint color schemes. Choosing interior paint, home furnishings, fabrics and home decor accessories in matching colors, that create strong contrasts, helps design balanced, cheerful, bright and modern interiors.

Complimentary color schemes

Modern complimentary interior design color schemes can be created with red and green. orange and turquoise (blue-green color hues), blue and light yellow tones or golden color shades, purple and rich yellow colors, lime and lilac, pink and yellowish-green or light green colors.

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