Modern Ceiling Design for Living Room Slideez

Modern Ceiling Design for Living Room Slideez

Modern Ceiling Design for Living Room

Bringing modern character in your home will feel less if you do not change the look of your home ceiling. Your house is minimalist home? Minimalism will not be a constraint to make the modern ceiling design for living room. Basically the ceiling has the following functions:

  1. Ceiling serves as a place to hide cables and covers frameworks that often interfere with the overall look of the room.
  2. As a place / room acoustics creator. To keep the activity going on in this space does not interfere with other space and the environment, acoustic techniques have to be applied.
  3. As the bulbs and place the hanger closet. Function as a place to hang the ceiling lights are also closely related to lighting and lighting creates a calm and cool.
  4. Besides used as a place to hang the ceiling framework are also often used as a place to hang the frame hanging cupboard.
  5. As hot air cushion insalator. In the construction world, the concept of good air ventilation must meet the rules of ventilation. One of the main keys can serve a maximum ceiling as an air cushion is we have to pay attention to the distance between the floor and ceiling limits.
  6. Reinforce the theme and beautify the room. When we want to pour themes in our homes, aligning with the other interior ceiling is the right choice. Room in your home will increasingly look beautiful with modern ceiling designs and modern lighting will make your home more enchanting.
  7. Modern Ceiling Design for Living Room Slideez

There are many types of modern ceiling design for living room .

Glass Ceiling Model Block .

This model has a variety of designs and patterns. In a stand- alone application could not be included because other ceiling. Although ceiling glass block can not be installed alone but ceiling glass block type of models can be applied to the concrete roof construction. Type of glass block can also be used indoors but is more widely used as a bathroom ceiling minimalist home .

Fiber Ceiling Model Model.

The ceiling is made of plastic fiber with a transparent color and even some are opaque. This ceiling is usually used to cover the roof and for casting sunlight. Fiber ceiling design is sold in sheet form with variegated patterns and designs.

Gypsum Ceiling models.

Gypsum is the ceiling material is generally very popular in the construction of the house minimalist interior. This model is widely used for the ceiling of the house because the process is much easier. Besides gypsum ceiling types are also a lot of choice because it can disguise the connection to each other between the sheets ceiling .

Concrete Ceiling Model.

In addition to gypsum models, models of ceiling concrete deck is also widely encountered in residential concrete coating is left without the other. By maximizing the concrete appearance it gives a unique impression brought about by the casting process.

Here I want to share modern ceiling design for living room. You can choose which models or type do you want to apply and suitable for your living room.

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