Outdoor Ceiling Fans — Choosing A Ceiling Fan For Outdoors

Outdoor Ceiling Fans - Choosing A Ceiling Fan For Outdoors

Outdoor Ceiling Fans Choosing A Ceiling Fan For Outdoors

Do you want to purchase new outdoor ceiling fans for your patio or outdoor space? Would you like a ceiling fan that provides maximum air flow while boosting the décor of your outdoor space? If so, pay close attention here.

There are mainly two types of outdoor ceiling fans in the market Damp Rated Ceiling Fans and Wet Rated Ceiling Fans.

Damp rated ceiling fans are ceiling fans that can be installed in a porch, patio or an outdoor space (as long as the fans are covered). These fans are not water-resistant. Exposure to rain will damage them. However, these fans can withstand highly humid conditions.

Wet rated ceiling fans are ceiling fans that are ideal for installation in open spaces such as a lanai, gazebo and other outdoor spaces. These fans are water-resistant. Rain or other weather conditions do not cause any damage to them.

There are hundreds of different outdoor ceiling fans available in the market from various manufacturers. Finding a quality one can be quite overwhelming. But dont worry.

Here are some tips to help you buy the best outdoor ceiling fan

1. Choose the type

Depending on the climatic conditions in your particular region and the location where youre intending to install your outdoor ceiling fan, you can choose from Wet rated or Damp Rated.

Study your outdoor space thoroughly. If youre thinking of going ahead with a damp rated ceiling fan, ensure that the ceiling fan is covered completely. Exposure to even the slightest amount of rain can make the fan wear out (overtime).

Otherwise, go ahead with a wet rated ceiling fan. Cleaning is a lot easier with a wet rated ceiling fan. You can even flush a hose to have the fan cleaned.

2. Style

Outdoor ceiling fans are available in a wide variety of designs. If youre looking to create a beach or island effect in your home, you can choose a Caribbean style or Hawaii style ceiling fan. There are also other ceiling fans with a Japanese (Asian) design, traditional design and those with a modern look.

Think of the effect youre trying to create with your ceiling fan and choose a style accordingly. You can also choose fans with a minimalist design.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans - Choosing A Ceiling Fan For Outdoors

When it comes to outdoor ceiling fans, theres one product that we strongly recommend that you avoid at all costs. Weve found this product to be extremely poor when it comes to performance and functionality.

With a price tag of $183, the Hunter 21591 ceiling fan with a white finish and EZ mounting system does seem like a great ceiling fan for your outdoors.

But it isnt the case. The ceiling fan features an 18 Watt CFL bulb which is of questionable quality. The ceiling fan does not seamlessly function when operated with the included remote either. And plus, the white finish only ensures that your ceiling fan accumulates dirt faster. We strongly recommend that you avoid this fan at all costs.

Pay Close Attention Here

Choosing an effective outdoor ceiling fan can be frustrating. Thats why weve done the work for you. From our research, weve found one outdoor ceiling fan that offers exceptional air flow while cutting energy costs.

The fan comes with a 3-position mounting system thereby allowing you to hang your fan in either flush, angled or the standard position. With a beautiful antique brass finish, this fan is ideal for your outdoors. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and an ultra-quiet motor. And the best part its affordable.

If youd like to learn more about this outdoor ceiling fan, click here

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