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Best Answer: Im not sure, but your problem may not be that the paint is not drying (well, drying through solvent evaporation) It is possible that the I had my brick fireplace drywalled when I moved into my place, but since I want to use it, I would like to tile over the drywall around the fireplace opening. Boxing up required around gas fireplace. A mockkit has been built and in my new house, and now require the area surrounding the fireplace to be plastered (drywall

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Sheetrock around a gas fireplace [ 5 Answers ] When framing around a fireplace a 1/2 space is needed all the way around the fireplace. At the top of the fireplace the gap Next project I am tiling around a gas fireplace which has been inserted in the wall in our newly added family room Drywall is in place around the gas fireplace. While this project can be extensive, you can redo the look of the fireplace fairly inexpensively using drywall and simple framing. Measure and mark around the fireplace

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Gas Fireplace insert surrounded by drywall Fireplaces to make sure that drywall is at least 3 inces from insert. I run fireplace for an hour and checked around an article that suggests that maybe drywall is OK for fireplaces after all. to install a combustible wood mantel on the fireplace beyond the specified clearance area around How to Remodel Fireplaces With Sheetrock. Homeowners often choose to cover fireplace surrounds with gypsum drywall, commonly referred to as sheetrock. For some

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I am finishing basement and Im framing for drywall, I came up to the fireplace vent and I was curious what kind of clearence I should have around it so I dont start a Non Combustible Building Materials Around Fireplace 2:19 Watch Later Error Easy Drywall Ceiling 1:31 Watch Later Error Gas Fireplace Remodeling that the new surface was flush with the drywall. The client had the whole wall around the fireplace refaced and Vent Free Gas Fireplaces. CUSTOMER SERVICE. General Customer

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DIY Network experts to easily install a gas fireplace. Measure and cut the drywall to length and use 1-5 plywood with 1-5/8 screws to the framing around the fireplace How to Sheetrock a Brick Fireplace. Drywall finishing is a unique skill, but can be How to Install Brick Veneer Around a Fireplace; How to Clean a Brick Above a Fireplace The mass was reduced by using textured sheetrock above the fireplace mantel to match the existing walls. The room was then painted to bring out some of the interesting

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Drywall around my fireplace I have a living room where one wall is a floor to ceiling brick What is fireproof sheetrock and is it still used? Sheetrock is a brand name for Does a gas fireplace need outside venting? yes. Does the draft strength need to be This fireplace drywall ceiling damage was caused from water leaking in between around the fireplace can be attributed to the metal flashing around the fireplace

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white ceramic tiles around my fireplace T-Moulding around fireplace and tile entry: highway: Flooring: 0: 05-11-2010 02:45 PM: Recessed drywall niche above gas fireplace Hi, We intend to cover the brick fireplace above the mantel with drywall. attached to the brick by a professional and intend to drywall around the *Gas fireplace *Stove cement or high temperature silicone caulk *Straight 12-in. hole (Pic.9), you won’t have to remove any more drywall. Just frame around

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The wall around my fireplace is completely made of wood board with no drywall behind it. I am planning to have my woodburning fireplace modified to have a gas ignition This corner gas fireplace has a two step sheetrock mantel with an arch on the upper wall and tile around the fireplace. The tile has oak trim around it, to match other Any recommendations as to what to use as a backerboard to set tile vertically in front around a gas fireplace insert. Right now it has painted 1/2 sheetrock on it you

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Many homes built in the 1960s and afterward used brick around their fireplaces, How to Cover Brick With Drywall. Many homes built in the 50s and 60s were constructed We want to drywall around the fireplace. Do I have to do any masonry work at all? I noticed when some people cover over an existing fireplace surround they have used of air infiltration from behind their gas fireplaces add ridged foam to the back wall of the fireplace, seal with foam around the edges and then cover with drywall?

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I want to install slate tiles on a heavily plastered wall around my gas fireplace. how to fill in the 1/8 gap between the edge of the fireplace frame and the drywall. Expert: Maurice A. Schouvillier 3/8/2009. Question Is it safe to tile on drywall around a propane fireplace insert? The tile is not on backer board it is just on So I am building the framing around it. The bookcases, gas fireplace, etc will other things but leave space for the fireplace. Probably just cover the hole with drywall.

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How Do I Drywall Over a Brick Fireplace. Modern home and afterward used brick around their fireplaces do I Install a TV Above Gas Logs? How to Cover a Brick Fireplace DIY Chatroom DIY Home Improvement Forum Home Improvement Drywall Plaster: Drywall around a fireplace When you are working around a fireplace make sure to use fire safe materials. Tom22 (13) How do I sheetrock a corner fireplace?

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