Suspended ceiling Tumblr

Suspended ceiling Tumblr


I love University museums. They are top quality but so, so affordable.

Here are some paleontological specimens from utaustin ‘s Texas Memorial Museum. I gotta say, when I saw that Quetzalcoatlus (the flying reptile pictured up top), big as a fighter jet suspended from the ceiling, it took my breath away.

How to Choose the Right Acoustic Insulation

Babies cry and televisions blare.  Traffic roars and guitars squeal.  The world is filled with noise, so much so that people are becoming just as sensitised to noise pollution as they are to garbage pollution.  It’s understandable; it’s a mad, mad world out there.  And sometimes it’s a crazy world inside too.

And, if you’re considering this at all, it’s likely that you need to think about insulating your home acoustically.  It could be that you’re tired of listening to your neighbour’s noises, but it could also be that you want to turn up your music a little louder without negatively affecting your status within the terrace.  Whatever your reasons, a desire for acoustic insulation is only the beginning.  After that, it’s a matter choosing the right acoustic insulation for your home.

Why Do You Want Acoustic Insulation?

There are serious reasons to concern yourself with noise pollution and acoustic insulation.  If you can be clear about your expectations, it goes a long way to choosing the materials and installation methods that are right for your home.

The easiest reason to recognise is the absolute irritation that unwanted noises cause.  It almost doesn’t matter what’s causing the noise; if it is disrupting you in any way, it’s going to make you crazy.  Noise pollution can disrupt your family time and cause your own children to wake early from their naps.  If you work from home, even occasionally, unwanted noise can affect your productivity.  Before considering the type of insulation you want, make a note of the sounds that tend to annoy you, how loud they are, and how far away they are.  This will assist your insulation specialist immensely when it comes time to purchase your materials.

Another reason to consider acoustic insulation is that excessive noise can negatively impact your health.  It disturbs your sleep; you can become physically ill.  If noise keeps you under constant stress, it can have all kinds of negative ramifications.  As a result, it’s important to block as much noise as possible from and within your home – and this may require more insulation than is usually required in a dwelling.

You could also have a desire to future-proof your home against potential UK legislation and building codes.  After all, there are very specific regulations for soundproofing new homes and conversions; existing, non-converted houses could be on the cards at some point in the future.  Or, perhaps you are building or converting your home now – in which case acoustic insulation is legally required.  If you are in the middle of a build, you should talk to your contractor about your insulation requirements in terms of Part E of the building regulations.  But, if you are simply future proofing your home, then you will want to opt for the latest and most resilient acoustic insulation on the market.

A final reason for you to consider acoustic insulation in your home is that you are planning to invest in other insulation and would prefer to do it all at once.  If this is the case, you will want to chat to a professional that understands the world of acoustic insulation as well as your heating requirements.  It simply doesn’t make sense to handle these tasks separately.

Suspended ceiling Tumblr

Where Do You Want Acoustic Insulation?

Before rushing off to order insulator materials, it’s a good idea to consider what kind of coverage your home requires.  It is also worth noting that there is a difference between sound reduction and sound elimination.  Recording studios usually require the complete elimination of outside noise.  But, most homes don’t actually need this level of protection.  Keep in mind that the closer you get to the total exclusion of noise, the more it will cost.  Because this level of acoustic insulation is rather difficult to achieve, it may also take a significant amount of time to install.

Once you understand the level of sound protection that you want, then it’s truly time to consider where you want it in your house.  Most homeowners opt for a complete sound makeover when they choose to acoustically insulate their homes.  Indeed, this will provide the best overall living condition, but not everyone requires this extreme.  But, keep in mind that the type of insulation you choose will relate directly to where you need to install it.

Some owners only wish to acoustically insulate individual rooms of their home.  Most often particular room installations are for the purposes of keeping noise in – rather than keeping it out.  This is the case for home gyms and theatre rooms.  You may want to consider music rooms, game rooms, or even laundry rooms into this mix.  There are a wide variety of insulation materials specifically for these types of places.  Some of them are even remarkably easy for DIY enthusiasts to install.  However, these options will never be as powerful (or as easy to disguise) as professionally installed options.

Of course, you may want to provide a sound barrier between floors – or just your party walls.  Once again, these installations require very different types of materials and methods.  However, as these areas are regulated in new builds according to the Part E Regulations, you’ll discover that there are many material solutions for these areas.  The key is to opt for insulation that already outstrips current law so that you can stay ahead of the construction game.

Keep in mind that if you have no other form of insulation in your home, you will want to speak to a consultant about covering all your needs at once – whether the government mandates it or not.  It won’t be long before homes without proper insulation will be charged higher rates and taxes.  At the moment, the government is even prepared to help cover the costs of insulation in an effort to reduce the carbon emissions of homes.  And, that’s definitely something you will want to take advantage of before it switches to negative consequences during the enforcement stages.  Just be sure to hire a professional installer – otherwise, you may just need to do it all over again.

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