Suspended ceiling with his hands

Suspended ceiling with his hands

Repair of apartments — it is very important and necessary element. it is always

long and laborious process. Everyone strives for the best. we all

want to change, change, something new and fresh. Therefore, any person

which is still ripe for this brave step. deserves respect.

To date, the most in demand hinged mount ceiling.

In older buildings in the area of ​​the ceiling there is always a large number of

elements, and it’s wiring, ventilation, and sometimes even heating pipe, all

there is a desire to close, but at the same time keep readily available. In such

cases, using the ceiling plasterboard. Methods of installation of suspended

Ceiling gypsum board is available to everyone. Plasterboard has several

advantages. Applying gisokarton, you get a flat surface, it will

hide all the cracks and uneven ceiling. Drywall installation is simple and

take a long time. The ceiling of plasterboard good practice

for any room. He gives great scope for the designer fantasies. Can

make sibling, multi-level ceiling, various prominent figures

and much more. Using raster fixtures can make a colorful

glow in different zones of the ceiling. Bathroom includes

waterproof sheets. Installing ceiling plasterboard to

determine how much space you want to give the ceiling. For example, a typical

lamp has a height of 50mm, that is already at least have to leave 6 cm

The ceiling should conceal pipes, wires, air ducts, so the ceiling

will be even lower. Such a construction of plasterboard sufficiently heavy.

Weight per square meter is 15 — 20 kg. Leaf length 2.5 meters

width from 0.5 to 0.6 meters and a construction one to raise almost

impossible, so you need to work at least twice. It is well established

plasterboard ceiling creates coziness and freshness. Benefits

ceiling mounted ceiling hides surface defects

ceiling, as well as all equipment that is located above the ceiling. Allows

provide easy access to the equipment or in a particular desired location,

or across the ceiling surface. Reduce noise in the apartment

Hinged acoustic ceilings. Reflective properties make it possible to

the room is well lit. A huge plus is that, suspended

Ceilings are very easy and quick to install. Only need a ladder

and a certain amount of time. In the ceiling-mounted simply embed

Fashionable custom fixtures or fire extinguishing systems. They do

spectacular acoustics of the room, which provides an opportunity to apply their

in large halls. Perfect structure Suspended Ceilings, enables

Change the broken item without the need to disassemble, in fact, the ceiling until the end.

Suspended ceiling design options allow you to create a place

any design as you want. Provided a great opportunity to pick up

modules with any pattern and imitation of any material. Design

Ceilings are of several types: — with a decorative surface finish

- With pictures on the surface — allowing to construct different forms of

(For example, vaults and domes). Curved ceilings create the modules,

made from mineral and fiberglass, metal and plaster of

sheets. The building materials market appeared wing absorbers,

mounted on the edges of Suspended Ceilings. Installation of the ceiling of plasterboard

The first thing to note where it should be zero, after

Why carry out installation profiles. Technical characteristics of suspended

systems pay special attention. The main frame sheathe sheets

of plasterboard. The joints between the gypsum sheets obscure filler

for tightness. After that, the seams are glued special bint serpyanka,

shpaklyuyut and all is well zashlifovyvayut. The last step in the work — this painting

ceiling. You can use almost any color. For proper

Ceiling installation must comply with a few simple rules. Sheets

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