The Best Ceiling Fan Bulbs eHow

The Best Ceiling Fan Bulbs eHow

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Spiral Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs (CFL)

TCP,Inc. offers an energy efficient and eco-friendly, 2-watt ceiling fan bulb that has an average rate life of 8,000 hours. This bulb boasts a mini-spiral shape and a warm white glow. This tiny bulb is approximately three inches long with a medium screw base. It will save you $12.00 in a bulb life cycle. There are also many other CFL bulbs on the market that are just as efficient. When choosing a CFL bulb look for the government approved Energy Star label.

Energy Star Rated

Energy Star rated light bulbs are long lasting, and thus require fewer bulb changes. They are cost effective with the ability to reduce electric bills by $15.00 a year. Energy star rated fluorescent bulbs use 13 watts of power, whereas incandescent bulbs use 60 watts of power. These bulbs also have manufacturer guaranteed warranties. Energy Star rated bulbs must meet performance requirements, including efficiency, lumen maintenance, lifetime (must have rated lifetime of 6,000 hours of greater), starting time, warm-up time, safety, reliability, color consistency, color rendering index, quality control, mercury control and other Federal Trade Commission requirements.

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