Top 6 Myths about Ceiling Fans

Top 6 Myths about Ceiling Fans

Top 6 Myths about Ceiling Fans

Top 6 Myths about Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a must have home appliance. They are mainly used to heat or cool the living space and they are highly effective at it mainly because of their ability to circulate air and distribute both cool and warm air evenly. They thus reduce body temperature during the warm seasons and adjust the thermostat accordingly. Additionally, the fans are energy efficient than other cooling units as they are known to reduce electricity bills.

Though the bodacious benefits offered by installing a ceiling fan are well known, there is still much to be learned. For instance, there are countless interesting urban myths circulating our society today. Due to the fact that a great urban myth has some spikes of truth that can make it credible, its always important to separate the wheat from the chuff. As such, we will better understand the good, the bad and the curious of fans. Read on.

#Top Six Myths about Ceiling Fans

*1. Cooling the Room

This is a very common myth and many people believe it. As such, they leave the ceiling fan running even when away. However, the truth of the matter is that the fan doesnt alter the temperature of your living space. Instead, they cause a cooling effect by altering the body temperature by promoting the bodys natural evaporative cooling. Its therefore important to turn the fan off when leaving the space and thus save the energy.

*2. Decapitation

Many people believe that when the fan is running, especially when the blades are rotating at a high speed, it can decapitate someone. This myth is false and has actually been proven so by the Myth-busters 2004 television series. Unlike the industrial fans which are often high powered, the standard ceiling fan used domestically has thicker blades and runs at a low power thus unlikely to cause such serious harm. However, dont try to prove the myth as you might sustain injuries such as cuts, bruises, scrapes and even skull fracture.

*3. Dust Collectors

Experts are of the opinion that this myth is half true. They explain that the fan will catch dust especially on the blades leading edge. However, this is the natural dust that forms a part of air. This dust would have landed on anything in the house if not on the blades. Again, dust on top of your ceiling fans motor is an indication of poor cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, dust on the ceiling fan is no worse, in fact better than the dust collected by an air conditioner unit.

*4. Keeping Insect Away

This myth is true for two primary reasons. The first reason is that, the act of creating a breeze creates a force that the bugs have to fly against. This makes it harder for the flies to move around the house and they thus choose to stay away. Secondly, the ceiling fans mix the air and thus confuse the cocktail of chemicals that the insects find attractive. This makes it harder for the flies to track you down.

*5. Ceiling Fans are Ugly

There are people believe that ceiling fans can diminish the interior decor of any room. However, this depends on the kind of fan you have installed. There are some ugly fans out there but there are other classic designs that can elevate the elegant look in your living room.

*6. Energy Efficiency

This is more of a fact than a myth. Its considered as a myth because many people did not believe in the fact but due to studies and intense campaigns on energy efficiency, the myth is slowly being embraced as a fact. Ceiling fans are highly energy efficient, using half as much as a conventional bulb when on high use.

So, there you have it. There are other numerous myths about ceiling fans but the above-mentioned six deserve your attention. Separating the facts from the myths and knowing the truth of a myth is vital in making decisions.

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