Agricultural Ceiling Fans

Agricultural Ceiling Fans

Agricultural Ceiling Fans

Did you know that ceiling fans can also be used in agricultural settings?

Indeed, ceiling fans can be used not just in homes, offices and warehouses, where they are commonly seen, but also in greenhouses, wineries, barns, ranches and livestock structures. These are no ordinary ceiling fans, though, but rather, are referred to as agricultural or harsh environment ceiling fans.

Just like industrial and commercial ceiling fans. agricultural fans generally have three blades, though there are also some ceiling-mounted basket models, and are capable of moving a lot of air. They are especially designed to withstand harsh environments, though, so they are made of heavy-duty materials that can resist wind, moisture, corrosion, dust and other outdoor elements.

Benefits of Agricultural Fans

Aside from improving air quality and cutting down energy costs by up to 20%, ceiling fans have additional benefits in the agricultural setting.

For one, studies show that good ventilation can not only enhance the comfort and help preserve the health of people working inside livestock structures, but also of the livestock housed there, leading to their increased productivity.

Agricultural ceiling fans can also drive disease-causing pests away for a healthier environment, reducing or even eliminating the need to buy pesticides, which can not only cost a lot but may have adverse effects on livestock and plants.

In wineries and storage barns, agricultural fans can also help control the humidity, reducing the spoilage of goods and even allowing them to last longer.

Top Agricultural Fan Manufacturers

Here are some of the most well-known manufacturers of agricultural harsh environment ceiling fans:

Northwest Envirofan - Northwest Envirofan manufactures some of the worlds highest-quality industrial ceiling fans and its platinum line called Agrifans is particularly designed for agricultural applications.

There are currently four models of Agrifans available two downblowing, one upblowing and one with a reversible motor, all of which have lightweight aluminum blades and totally enclosed motor housings sealed with neoprene to repel dust and moisture, both coated with epoxy prime and finish to resist corrosion.

Canarm - Canarms High Performance fans are suitable for harsh environments, with all models designed to be waterproof and provide above-average ventilation. Nearly all models are equipped with reversible motors while each one comes with a five year warranty.

Agricultural Ceiling Fans

TPI Corporation TPI offers two agricultural ceiling fans in 56 and 60 inches that are both downblowing and moisture and dust resistant.

Heat Recovery Systems - All HRS agricultural fans, also known as Air-Row fans, are moisture and dust resistant with sealed ball bearings, cast aluminum motor housings and steel downrods. Best of all, they are equipped with a fire sensor that automatically shuts them down in case of fire.

Barn Light Electric - All of Barn Light Electrics products are American-made and constructed only of very high-grade materials.  Its barn ceiling fans, which are available in 48, 56 and 60 inches, are all weather resistant with completely sealed, heavy duty motors.

MacroAir Technologies - Known for its HVLS fans, MacroAirs Airvolution is especially designed for the harsh, agricultural environment with six anodized Whisperfoil blades that provide maximum yet still gentle airflow.

QC Supply - Originally a supplier of livestock feeds, QC Supply has expanded to provide a wide range of agricultural supplies, including a 56-inch waterproof fan and a 60-inch high performance fan fit for agricultural settings.

J&D Manufacturing - J&D Manufacturing offers both ceiling fans and ceiling-mounted basket fans for agricultural settings. Its 60-inch AirFiciency Fan is resistant to corrosion and water spray while its Barnstormer and Poly Chiller are both considered among the most powerful and durable basket fans in the world.

Barn Fan Company - The Barn Fan Company offers barn ceiling fans that are waterspray tested and approved, with thermo-protected motors, cast iron motor housings and aluminum blades.

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