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Posted: Wednesday, May 30, 2012 4:00 am

Consider more than looks when buying a ceiling fan By Johnnie Chuoke / Happy Handyman Houston Community Newspapers

Well I knew it was going to heat up. And if you are cranking your AC down and not turning on the ceiling fans, you’re wasting money.

I just got back from another hardware show and I took time to look at some popular ceiling fan brands. You know the ones I am talking about. I was talking to the factory rep and I thought I would ask them some key questions. The fans looked nice. But I needed to have some important answers.

I asked him about the degree of pitch on the blade. He looked kind of non-committal and said, “you know they all have the same pitch.” Well that could not have been right. Then I asked him how many capacitors are on the fan? Again that same look and the same answer.

When you buy a fan remember don’t just buy it for the looks. Looks are important, however in this South Texas heat, are you going to care if the fan you buy keeps you cool, or looks good and you are hot? I know what my answer is.

The fans that I carry and you see at my store have between a 12-to-16 degree pitch on the blade. Some other fans have as low as 3 degree pitch. Folks that won’t keep you cool. And there is a capacitors on each speed of the fan, so that it is quiet on each speed. And it takes a good motor to turn those blades with a 16-degree pitch, to give you the wind chill that keeps you cool at night. And let me tell you to run a ceiling fan costs about 2 cents an hour. The fan I am talking about is Regency. This fan has it all, triple capacitors, degree of pitch, life time warranty on the motor, and they are beautiful! The fans start at less than $90, and include a light kit. What more could you want?

Now to the email.

Question: I have a deck roof that also serves as a second story deck surface which has started leaking at some of the joints. It is constructed of treated plywood. The joints are all leaking. The wood has not deteriorated. So my question is what can I put on the decking to seal the leaks, that I can walk on?

Answer: Wow, we just got back from the DIB show in Indianapolis and saw a product that will work for you. It’s made by Ducks Back (the Super Deck people) and its called Deck & Dock Elastomeric Coating by Super Deck. You just paint it on. You can apply several coats. It is what you need.

Question: I have some stains from makeup on my cultured marble counter top. I know I need to be real careful about what I use, so what do your suggest?

Answer: I would use Stonetech’s Stone Polish.

Question: Last year I had my sewer line cleaned out. Tree roots had blocked the line. Do you suggest what you can use to keep the roots cleared out of the line?

Answer: The one thing that works is a product that is 99.9 percent Copper Sulfate. Root Clear is that product.

Question: I have an old roll top desk that belonged to my father. It’s got some nicks and scratches in it and the oil and dirt from years of use. I’m afraid to use anything too harsh for fear of messing up the finish underneath. What do you recommend that I clean it with?

Answer: Use Holloway House Fine Wood Cleaner. It takes off oils and tough stains. If you want to re-coat with a darker stain, use the Restore A Finish in just a shade darker color. It goes through the varnish and will stain the wood underneath.

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