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Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

June 29, 2011

One of the toughest spots in the house to decorate is above the kitchen cabinets.

Do you have this problem?

Its often a bare space of unchartered territory that you may have thought to add some decor, but just didnt know what to display or how to pull it all together. Am I right?  Here are some helpful solutions

Get Started

Measure the length of cabinets, as well as the space from the top of the cabinet to the ceiling.  This will allow you to shop/look for the right items, making sure you dont buy something too large that wont fit or something too small that is dwarfed by the open space.

Say Goodbye to Fake Vines

No more fake vines or artificial leaves (please)!   The look is dated and too much is justtoo much .  If you enjoy vines and greenery (which I do), buy real and display above your cabinetsbut no more fake (I hope youre not offended, but it had to be said).  If you decide to use artificial greenery, choose pieces that look  natural and dont over-display.  Interested in creating a real-looking faux arrangement? Check out <this > post.

Display a Collection or Theme

What do you enjoy?  Are you a collector of pottery, plates, or bottles?  How about jars, baskets, or vases?  Display pieces that interest you and that youll enjoy seeing every day (youll see it alot since its in the kitchen).  Follow your hobbies and let them shine through in your space.

Dont have a collection?  What about a theme for the space above your cabinets?  Color can be a theme.  Continue the accent theme of your home or introduce a new color.  How about a vibrant and exciting red color? A pop of color here and there makes a space interesting and intriguing.

Start New & Find a Focal Point

So youre really not a collector and have nothing to display   No problem!  Start from scratch.  Go Shopping!  First, find a focal point ; something that is going to draw the eyes attention Try a large plate/platter, urn, lantern, or picture.  Look for larger pieces than you would usually display at eye level.  Because youll be standing at a distance, bigger and bolder is better .  Taller items will draw the eye up and can be displayed towards the back, while shorter items can be displayed in the front.

Try TJ Maxx, Homegoods, or Marshalls they always have lots of vases and platters!

Sarah (the cool and awesome, Thrifty Decor Chick ) transformed her over-the-cabinet space with some great selections.  She chose items of varying heights and sizes. as well as items that havesimilar color tones .  She then used some of the same items on her actual countertop to pull the two areas together.

On each side of Sarahs kitchen, she chose a focal point the left side has a large platter that stands using a display rack and the right side has a large square wicker platter that stands in the corner.  Surrounding the focal points, are other platters, pictures, vases, baskets, and greenery (if its fake, it looks good this is an example of the right amount of greenery).

Baskets or Bins

Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets - SAS Interiors

One of my all time favorite to-contain-everything is baskets!  Especially if you have a small kitchen and need extra storage, use baskets above your cabinets to hold items that you dont use every day paper towels, napkins, extra bowls, baking supplies, etc.  Add some fun labels and youll know exactly whats in there.

Display Unique Items

When I saw this before and after, I thought it was so interesting of this homeowner to display black and white photos above their kitchen cabinets.  Nothing in the space was changed other than the addition of these beautiful photos and what a difference they make it transforms the space from a typical kitchen to a unique cooking environment.  Add something new and different dont be afraid or intimidated.  If your display / items dont work, they can easily be changed or removed.

Prop it up

Some items that are too small and/or too low wont work because of the angle youre standing on the floor.  Many cabinets have a crown moulding in front, so the actual cabinet top is a few inches lower than it appears.  Use a telephone book or empty box to prop up your items.

The Process

Youve got your items together, now what?

1. Start with a clean slate above the cabinets; Remove everything/anything

Ill be honest, the space above the kitchen cabinets is tough to fill, but it can AND should be done.  Its important real estate that needs a bit of decorating.  Take a step back and fill it with what you love (even if it is faux greenerjust use it sparingly please).

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