Decorative Light Panels for Unique Ceiling DecorDecorative Fluorescent Light Covers Octo

Decorative Light Panels for Unique Ceiling DecorDecorative Fluorescent Light Covers  Octo

Decorative Light Panels for Unique Ceiling Decor

Decorative light panels can amaze the neighbors with your unique approach to ceiling decor. Most of your neighbors will have paint or paper decorating their ceiling, and perhaps a lighting feature or two or even a chandelier. They will believe that this is the best form of ceiling decor available to them. Unbeatable and the epitome of good taste!  They would be wrong to think so!

How many will have the Big Dipper or even most of the Milky Way shining down on them? Who among your friends and neighbors has a fabulous ocean sunset beaming down from their ceiling or a whole series of skylights open to a bright blue sky with beautiful white clouds looking down on them?

Low Cost Decorative Light Panels

At only $29.99 each, you can illuminate your ceiling with a whole series of sky panels, making it look as though your entire ceiling is open to a bright summer sky. You can select the decorative light panels most suited to the effect you want to establish. Whether that is a day or night sky showing the sun and clouds or the moon and stars is immaterial. It is all possible and at a low cost.

Even if you have no fluorescent or LED lighting units installed, it does not cost much to fit them up.  Not only does it not cost much, but it also saves you money since fluorescent lighting is significantly more energy-efficient than the old incandescent light bulbs. LED lighting units are even more energy efficient than fluorescent tubes or energy efficient lamps, and are well worth their initial cost per LED bulb.

You then fit these with diffuser panels to provide an even light over your entire room. Our decorative light panel covers fit over these to provide an awesome form of ceiling decor that is almost impossible to surpass.

Sky Panels and Custom Light Covers

Whether you use sky panels or other motifs for your ceiling, your neighbors will be amazed by the effects you can achieve. We offer a wide range of standard images, including sky panels, night sky panels, floral scenes, waterfalls, ocean and beach scenes, sunsets, astronomy scenes from the Hubble telescope (with permission from NASA) and many more. You are sure to find something in our range that suits the decorative style of your room.

Decorative Light Panels for Unique Ceiling DecorDecorative Fluorescent Light Covers  Octo

Decorative light panels are suitable for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, halls in fact any room in your home. They are also popular in business reception areas, schools, nurseries and hospitals.

In the event that you cant find a decorative light panel or sky panel that does not suit you, then we will use your own image at no extra charge. Thats right we will print your own photograph to a standard 4 ft x 2 ft panel at the standard price of $29.99.

Unique Ceiling Decor

There is no reason why you should not amaze your friends and neighbors with your unique ceiling decor. OCTO Light decorative light panels are not expensive, and when you take our custom light covers into consideration, are available with an almost infinite range of images. You can easily interchange them to suit your mood.

You now have no need to climb ladders and struggle with ceiling paper. You can have a fabulous form of unique ceiling decor to impress others and help you to relax without it costing you a fortune.  Custom light panels are becoming increasingly more popular, and rightly so. Be the first in your neighborhood to install them once your friends see them they will have to have them as well! Check out our website for examples.

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