Fanimation Zonix Ceiling Fan Install

Fanimation Zonix Ceiling Fan Install

How to Install the Fanimation Zonix Ceiling Fan

A unique ceiling fan like the sleek Fanimation Zonix ceiling fan is a great way to tie together a newly-renovated space. Fanimation ceiling fans are renowned for designing cutting-edge, modern ceiling fans and the Zonix Collection is no exception. Here at Del Mar Fans & Lighting, we set out to inspire and help our customers by creating the Fanimation Zonix installation video below.

Enhance Your Home with a Fanimation Zonix

The Fanimation Zonix Collection offers indoor and outdoor models in a range of stylish finishes such as black, oil-rubbed bronze, and satin nickel. The tapered blades are available in cherry, satin nickel, walnut, and white finishes to seamlessly coordinate with your doors, cabinets, and furniture. These ceiling fans are available with or without lighting kits for optional downlighting. They also offer pull chain and remote control options. These fans are appropriate for standard and angled installation in rooms ranging in size from 100 square feet to 200 square feet such as small kitchens, bedrooms, and family rooms.

Wire Strippers



For this installation, we utilized the Fanimation Zonix ceiling fan in a satin nickel finish.

Fanimation Zonix Install — 8 Steps to Modern Comfort

The Fanimation Zonix is a unibody ceiling fan, meaning the fan blades attach the directly to the motor housing without blade irons. This reduces the amount required to install the fan. Prior to installing your new fan, verify that all the parts and hardware are included in the original packaging. Review the owners manual as a guide. Turn the power off at the circuit breaker box.

    Cut the ceiling fan wires 6 inches longer than the downrod selected. In our case, we used the standard 6-inch downrod included with the Fanimation Zonix. Strip the insulation half an inch from the end of each wire. Install and secure the downrod onto the coupler.
    Attach the mounting bracket to the outlet box with the screws and washers provided.
    Fanimation Zonix Ceiling Fan Install
    Lift the motor assembly up to the mounting bracket and hang the downrod ball from the mounting bracket.
    Connect the wires with the wire nuts provided. Tuck all wire connections into the outlet box (be careful not pinch any wire connections).
    Raise the canopy housing and secure the housing to mounting bracket with the screws provided. Attach the canopy cover, twist to lock.
    Attach the blades through the slot on the motor houisng and loosel scure the blades with screws and washers provided.
    Attach the switch cup plate and secure all screws tightly. Attach the switch cup cover with the screws provided.
    Install the wall control by removing the wall cover and switch, and connecting the wires with the wire nuts provided. Place the assembled wall control back into the outlet box and secure with the screws provided. Attach the wall cover with the screws provided.

Once the Fanimation Zonix ceiling fan installation is complete, test the fan speed settings and direction. If you like the Zonix, check out the Fanimation Islander MAD3250OB ceiling fans, it is tropical in style and has great air flow. We at Del Mar Fans & Lighting believe this installation is as simple as putting the cherry jam on top of your Sunday morning biscuit. Tell us what you think about the clean and modern Fanimation Zonix fans.

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