Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Installation Instructions

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Installation Instructions

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Installation Instructions

Though there is hardly any need of providing Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Installation instructions as it is a quick connect Ceiling Fan. Yet if you are not good at handy work and this is your first ceiling fan ever then it is worth giving some time to this article. Believe it or not but there many who reviewed Hampton Bay Ceiling fans as one of the easiest product to install. They are specifically designed as do-it-yourself thus provides such an easy installation. Many have appreciated this property of Hampton that they are far easier to install in comparison to other Ceiling Fans. Hampton provides a preassembled motor .

Some of the specific features that make Hampton Bay Ceiling fan easy to install are:

There is no troublesome and time taking screw in Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans. Just slide and lock the blade.

Extra Downrods

Hampton provides two downrods of different length in its package whenever you purchase a Hampton fan. If the height of your ceiling is very high then it is recommended to purchase downrod of 24.

Color-Coded Wiring

Connect the colored wires according to the following instruction:

1. White wire to neutral.

2. Black wire to motors hot side.

3. Blue wire to light kit, in case you want to attach light kit to your Ceiling Fan.

4. Connect the blue and black together to the black wire in the box.

5. Note: Wiring differs with every Hampton Fan. So, preferably make use of manual provided by Hampton for installation.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan comes with a balancing kit which makes its balancing so easy. You can easily balance the blades with its help. You can also find it any other ceiling fan store but if Hampton Bay is providing you then there is no need of wasting your money on it.

Video on installing light kit

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Installation Instructions

Step 1: Do not forget to turn off the power .

Step 2: Make some place for your new Ceiling Fan on your Ceiling. For this you have to remove the existing light fixture or ceiling fan.

Step 3: With the help of your Electric Tester test make sure there is no power.

Step 4: Take out all the parts of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan from the box as well the manual provided.

Step 5: Get ready with your tool pouch so that you can easily install the Hampton Ceiling Fan. Get your ladder as well.

Step 6: First install the Quick-Connect mounting bracket. This is installed in the electrical box in your ceiling. It makes a sharp cracking sound to let you know that it is mounted properly and correctly.

Step 7: Now hang your new Hampton Ceiling Fan on the quick-connect fan bracket.

Step 8: Wiring must be done according to the instruction provided in the manual. It differs in most of the Hampton Ceiling Fan models.

Step 9: Install the base to cover all the electric wiring of the fan.

Step 10: Slide and lock the blades into the fan-blade bracket.

Step 12: Turn on the electricity and test your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan.

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