Roof Truss Prices

Roof Truss Prices

Roof Truss Prices

Roof truss prices are much cheaper than the cost of manually framing in an entire roof. Not only that, they can save a lot of time in labor, also. Basically you get a complete frame that is already manufactured. This means that there may not be any rafters or ceiling joists needed. Here is a look at the many reasons to consider prefabricated framing for your home, or most structures that you build.

Roof Truss Cost vs. Conventional Roofing

It can cost a great deal of money to build a home, and anything that helps cut that cost, is a good investment. If you figure the cost of materials for ceiling joists, rafters, and beams, it can be much cheaper to buy prefabricated. The average prefabricated support will cost between one to three dollars per linear foot, in the United States. It will depend on the span and type of frame. This is for wood materials, steel is not normally used for residential construction, but it costs more than wood.

In 2001, The US Department of Housing and Urban Development built two homes. One home had steel framing and the other used wood. The price of steel was about fourteen percent higher, and labor costs were about five percent more. However, steel prices are about 300 percent higher, and lumber costs are lower, today.


Modern roof truss manufacturers use equipment that allows for extremely accurate measurements. The supports are made in an environment that is designed for their manufacture. You can make your own framing for many kinds of buildings. However, it is very difficult to make accurate cuts for each frame and support. Prefabricated framing gives you perfect support, and each one will be the same.

Time is always an important factor. This does not matter if you are a contractor, or building your own barn, garage, or home. It is especially important for contractors, as they pay their people by the hour. When you lessen the hours that are required to build something, you save a great deal off the price of construction.

There are many different kinds of prefabricated supports and framing. Some are designed to give you much more attic space. This can add a great deal to your total living space. This is an important feature if you are building a house for sale.

Commercial Applications

Prefabricated frames and supports are available for many commercial applications. You can purchase them with blueprints and plans. This can make for much easier and faster construction.

In the United States, roof truss prices for wood are about two dollars per linear foot. However, this will vary on the roof truss design and may be slightly higher or lower, in some cases. Steel is considerably more expensive than wood. These costs are considered to be a good investment, as the supports will save a lot of money on time and labor.

Roof Truss Prices

Before you begin any work you should ensure proper planning is put in place to ensure accurate roof truss calculation so you do not spend unnecessary money and time.

Depending on the building you plan to remodel you should consider the different types and benefits of steel roof trusses. These types of roof trusses are used mainly for commercial buildings due to their strength.

When designing your roof repair or replacement using roof truss design then one thing you must take into consideration is proper roof truss bracing. Securely bracing your roof truss is absolutely important to ensure its sturdiness and durability. You must make sure the bracing technique used to manufacture your roof truss is in line weight the type and size of the building you plan to install.

Another very important factor to consider is your roof truss spacing as this will give you peace of mind knowing your roofing structure is secured. Proper spacing make the installation process convenient and much easier.

Roof truss price can save you a lot on time, money and space whenever you are considering remodeling your home or just simply repairing your roof.  It is important to do your homework to find a professional roof truss manufacturing company to construct your roof truss to ensure you get the best value for your money.

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