SnapAV — Episode 500-Series Angled In-Ceiling Speaker with 6-12 i (Each)

Episode® 500-Series Angled In-Ceiling Speaker with 6-1/2 in. Woofer (Each)

Discreet in-ceiling solution that allows sound to be «pointed» at listening area for superior imaging

    Niles CM750DS 6
  • Klipsch CDT-3650-C
  • Proficient C660 SpeakerCraft Aim7 Three

Episode® 500 Series Point In-Ceiling Speakers with 6-1/2 in. Woofer (Each)

Combining the expertise of our world-class engineering team and the practicality added by our «Dealer Development Council» has resulted in a product line that outperforms competitive models with similar MSRP’s on all fronts. Improved components, crossovers and install-ability as well as increased sound quality and improved aesthetics all combine to make the ES line a superior product in a crowded field of architectural speakers. Providing the outstanding performance and value of our standard in-ceiling model but further enhanced with an aiming configuration that provides the perfect solution for in-ceiling home theater applications. This 500 series model feature 6 1/2″ PP Injection cone, Nomex Spider, high temperature cone and 1″ fabric dome tweeter. These were created for high performance aimed distributed audio systems, LCR and surround applications or mid-level listening rooms when paired with one of our subwoofers.

We are honored to be recognized by the industry with the 2009 Excite Award. The criteria for the award are consistent with our mission of providing high-performing, cost effective solutions for the custom installations channel.

Sound Dampening Foam Baffle

Speakers need to be aimed or pointed only once. Building a speaker that can be continuously moved creates a number of issues that create a bad sounding speaker. The worst issue created is the multiple reflections that occur with a recessed driver in a plastic housing. We created the point speakers to resolve both the need to point the sound at the desired listening location as well as making the speakers sound good. Speaker drivers need to be pointed at the listening area only once (during the initial installation). The woofer with it’s wide dispersion and angled at 15 degree covers the entire listening area. The tweeter dispersion is narrow and can therefore be pivoted to fine tune it towards the listening position.Foam lining dampens reflections and allows the audio signal to be directed to the listening location without the masking that secondary reflections create, producing a much better sounding speaker.

Outstanding Audio Quality

The 500 series feature 6 1/2″ PP Injection cone, Nomex Spider, high temperature cone and 1″ fabric dome tweeter. Optimized for outstanding audio performance, this driver combination will deliver realistic music and voice reproduction unmatched at this MSRP.

World-class Engineering

Outstanding driver voicing, specifically engineered cross-over network (2nd order) and enhanced driver housing construction designed to ensure rigid mounting and greater sound clarity, virtually eliminating secondary speaker resonance that distorts most architectural speaker’s performance. This has resulted in excellent imaging, reduced distortion and superior fidelity.

Fully Aimed Speaker

Directs the sound «into» the room. Perfect for in-ceiling surround sound installations and for less then perfect placements.

Installation Ease

Quick snug dogs, gold-plated push button wire terminations, easy-mount rust-proof grill, plastic paint guard and cutout templates all make these the standard for installation ease.

**This pair of Episode speakers includes cardboard cutout templates, paint shields, and installation instructions.

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