Chemical Sponges for smoke and soot damaged walls

Chemical Sponges for smoke and soot damaged walls

Chemical Dry Cleaning Sponges

For smoke and

soot damaged

walls and ceilings

from Bane-Clene

Chemical Dry CleaningSoot Removal Sponges are for removal of dry dirt, dust, hair and dry smoke/soot residues. Avoid wet cleaning of these soot damaged surfaces which often leads to smearing, smuding or staining.

Chemical Dry Cleaning Sponges are not for use on protein fires because it just smears the fire residues. Also not for use on oily smoke residues like wet smoke (the oily type smoke from a stove or range smolder).

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make is to treat fire clean up like any other kind of clean-up. Your first impulse may be to use foaming or liquid upholstery cleaner or wood cleaner on your furniture. However, if you do this, you will be creating a bigger mess than you started with. Instead, remember you must first remove as much soot as possible before applying any liquids. Don’t ever dampen sooty furniture before first cleaning it with a dry cleaning sponge. It will push the soot further into the fabric, causing a deeper stain and these stains are difficult to remove. Despite taking these steps, some upholstery may be so smoke damaged you may still need to have it professionally cleaned, if it can be salvaged at all.

Chemical Dry Cleaning Sponges are ideal for smoke and soot removal in fire restoration work — these 6 x 3 x 1 1/2 thick, porous dry cleaning chemical sponges can be used wet and dry. Working like large erasers, these rubber sponges draw the dust, soot and smoke residue into the cells of the sponge material. Under normal conditions the Soot Sponge should clean a 12′ x 20′ wall surface.

Soot Sponges are perfect for painted walls and ceilings, but can also be used on baseboards, areas above heat registers, heat registers, antiques, projection screens, speaker grills, lampshades, dashboards, books, oil paintings, woodwork, painted walls, computer screens, vents, soot from fireplaces, ceiling tile, wallpaper, paneling, acoustical tiles, blinds, lamp shades, awnings, suede or felt items, upholstery and numerous other surfaces. The sponges can be washed and reused for additional economy.

After vacuuming, use soot sponges to clean in light, even sweeping motions in one direction. Always start at the top of the soiled area including the ceiling if affected and work downward. Always use dry to avoid smearing, smudging or staining.

Chemical Sponges for smoke and soot damaged walls

After use of the soot removing sponges, the surfaces may still need to be wet cleaned using Wall-Clene for removal of all soil. You can add Smoke Off to the cleaning solution to reduce the smoke odor.

The soot sponges are used absolutely dry. Chemical Dry Cleaning Sponges are ideal to pick up dust and dirt from areas that cannot be cleaned by water or solvents. Use the sponge to wipe down acoustical tiles, to prepare surfaces for painting, to clean suede and even to clean million dollar oil paintings. Chemical Dry Cleaning Sponges remove stubborn marks from drywall and wallpaper without chemicals or abrasives. Use on lampshades to remove dust and dirt. Works like an eraser.

Chemical Dry Cleaning Sponges are also excellent to remove pet hair from furniture and clothes. Just wipe over fabric and the hair sticks to the sponge. Fire-restoration crews use this dry soot removing sponge for removing soot because it avoids the smearing that occurs with damp cleaning. Use on fireplace mantels, screens, bricks, curtains and carpet.

Chemical Dry Cleaning Sponges are specially engineered to absorb particulate matter, like soot, right into their pores. When it’s full, just rinse it out and let dry, it’s ready to use again.

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