Drywall and Plaster Repair Products Guide

Drywall and Plaster Repair Products Guide

Drywall and Plaster Repair Products Guide

For whatever reason you decide that you need to do drywall or plaster repair, there are definitely products that can make the job much easier for you. Trying to do the job without the proper tools will make the phrase you get what you pay for come alive in ways you wish they hadnt. Selecting the right products will make your whole project go smoother. Whether you are repainting a room for the first time and need to patch a few small holes, or dealing with a large repair, the correct plaster and drywall repair tools can help.

There are essential tools that you will need. Some of the products available for you on the market include wall patching materials as well as patching compounds, as well as texturing supplies. Depending on your job, it is important to find the right product for your needs.

Wall Patching Materials

Wall patching materials consist of drywall tape; there is a choice of paper or fiberglass tape, a self-adhering metal wall patch, formable fast patch and drywall repair clips.

Paper or Fiberglass Drywall Tape is essential to patch medium too large holes. Paper tape requires that you use a coat of mud to adhere the tape. Without enough mud, you might have bare spots. These will create bubbles or loose tape that will require additional steps to create a smooth appearance. Fiberglass tape is good for drywall repair because the unique design has an adhesive back. No bedding coat is needed, and it stays flat. This means curling is eliminated. This makes fiberglass tape perfect for taping drywall joint and making smaller repairs in the plaster.

Self Adhering Metal Wall Patches repair damage to walls and ceilings with a galvanized or aluminum metal drywall patch. These items are ready to cover with drywall mud, they dont require taping. It comes with a self-adhesive mesh backing, which makes it simple to use. These are readily available in a variety of sizes and can be used for large holes.

Formable Fast Patch is a good option for very small repairs. This product does just what it sounds like: it is a quick patch that is formable, can be molded to uneven and curved surfaces. It is easily applied and ready for paint the same day.

Drywall Repair Clips are very simple to use. Rather than patch the hole, you cut out the section with the hole and attach a new piece of drywall with clips. No tools or screws are required to use these clips. Once on, you simply tape and plaster over it. This will produce a strong and lasting repair.

Patching Compounds

When you are selecting your drywall repair patching compounds, consider the type of job you are doing and select the correct compound for each individual job. The choices you have include regular or lightweight spackle, a pre-mixed fastest and powdered fastest. Knowing what each compound is for will help you in your selection.

Lightweight and Regular Spackle is perhaps the easiest to use. Certain kinds will change color when ready, making it foolproof. This is used for repairing cracked plaster, filling in nail holes and smoothing surfaces and imperfections on unprimed wood. Make sure you have the right kind for either an interior or exterior project, but many are suitable for either job.

Premixed Fast Set is another easy option. This is a drywall paste that you will knife on with a 3, 6 or larger drywall knife. This will have to dry and be sanded once you are finished, but it is a good option for larger jobs.

Drywall and Plaster Repair Products Guide

Powdered Fast Set will give you flexibility in your job, as it ends up the same as premixed, but you can have it on hand for jobs without it getting old or hard. Its a little trickier to get the right consistency, but for large jobs, this is recommended.

Texture Supplies

If you have finished your drywall and plaster repairs, but still need something extra, consider using a texture supply item. These are available in many forms to suit just about anyone, from spray textures, to roll on additives. With these products, you have the advantage of being able to add visual appeal to your walls or ceilings while covering up some minor imperfections.

Aerosol Spray Textures such as orange peel, knock down and popcorn ceiling paint, provide easy coverage to patches by creating patterns that can match your existing texture. Orange peel is a fast drying formula that covers about 125 SF with a 25 oz can, giving a splatter texture. Knockdown is a special texture that is knocked down with a drywall knife for Mediterranean drywall textures. Popcorn ceiling spray texture is perfect for small to medium patches, also available in a squeeze tube with applicator tips, which makes it simple to repair small damaged areas on ceilings for the homeowner.

The Hopper Texture Gun makes drywall repair simple by using a compressor to power spray anything from small spaces to an entire home with one lightweight tool. This sprayer can spray in several different types of patterns and is very useful to have on hand. Small self contained units are a great option for applying orange peel (splatter) or knockdown wall textures and popcorn ceiling texture.

Paint Texture Additives come in a variety of styles, making it possible to create unique looks with your choice of colors. Simply pick the texture, stir it into your paint, and apply it to the walls. You can have anything from a sandy finish, to a suede like look, to a popcorn texture on the walls. Just be prepared to sand this down if you ever want to change the look.

Whatever your project is, use the right drywall/plaster repair products. Nothing can beat the look of clean walls, and getting them properly prepared makes any painting job you may have go smoother as well.

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