FAQs On Cleaning Your Ceilings

FAQs On Cleaning Your Ceilings

Spectrum is a blend of high performance surfactants (detergents), multiple safe solvents, and multiple Ph builders. Rather than heavy caustics and/or heavy solvents, this product is designed so that all components work together to maximize cleaning efficiency. We use detergents developed by Shell Chemical ®. and outperform those costing twice as much. Multiple solvents are used and are based upon years of testing in industrial environment. It would be much simpler to reduce components, however performance suffers.

Spectrum has a clean — fresh citrus odor that is a natural byproduct of the safe d-Limonene solvent used. Oranges & grapefruits are processed to create this organic solvent. Because of our formula, it produces a slight citrus smell. No perfumes or fragrances are added to our product — absolutely not needed.

Acoustical Textured or Popcorn type ceilings are cleaned and brightened by mixing Spectrum + Standard 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, then adding water. It is this combination of the oxidizing agent and cleaner together, that makes it work. The ceiling is sprayed with a light mist, making sure it is uniformly coated and not saturated. When dried, your ceiling will be clean and white again. Drop ceilings are cleaned in this same manner — simply blot dry the metal tracks.

Yes, Spectrum can be used to remove stains, plus complete ceiling cleaning, no mater what the material. You lightly spray the ceiling formula onto your textured popcorn ceiling — mixture is absorbed into material. Cleaning is done via the oxidation process — ceiling material is not touched. The popcorn ceiling material will not release from drywall when used as directed. Tough stains, such as water spots, may require pre-treating to remove — Full pamphlet instructions are included.

While this is tough, yes this product will take out water spot stains stains, but will require pre-treating multiple times. Stain has to sprayed with Heavy Duty Solution — allow mixture to work for 1 hour or longer. Then re-spray surface with ceiling mixture and allow it to work.

If after a couple of hours the stain has not completely disappeared, then repeat this process. Note: Blown textured popcorn ceilings should be allowed to dry completely prior to repeating this process. Full instructions for cleaning water spots is included in our pamphlet.

Spectrum is made to be as safe as possible, yet do the job. We recommend draping a plastic drop cloth over your furniture — this will prevent any cleaning action on your furniture pieces. The fine spray that lands on your carpeting will do no damage to the fibers. Mixture that comes into contact with wooden furniture or molding should be wiped up with clean dry cloth

Our warranty and guarantee is simply unconditional satisfaction. Just return the unused portion — your credit card will be credited for the purchase amount — including outbound shipping cost. Our agreement with PayPal. who handles our Internet Orders, requires this. You can e-mail or call their toll free number listed on our Contact page.

Our primary business is selling to the commercial market here in Kansas City, MO. SparkleClean.com and CleanerCeiling.com are an affordable extension of our business and are paid up through December 2011. We entered into agreement with PayPal, over 14 years ago, to handle our online sales, for both parties protection and benefit. It is their specialty and they control the sales. We have no access to your credit card information and if you don’t get your product — we don’t get paid !

FAQs On Cleaning Your Ceilings

Our literature includes complete instructions on doing this. Most cleaning applications involve mixing our concentrate with water. Spectrum has the unique ability of also being safely mixed with household bleach or white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Each of these mixtures creates a totally different cleaning solution. Full details and labels are included with orders. As an example, when mixed with hydrogen peroxide, this cleaner does an excellent job on acoustical textured & dropped ceilings — where you cannot agitate the surface. Solution oxidizes (burns up) the dirt and stains — works great where cigarette smoke or kitchen grease has discolored surface.

Spectrum works great on laundry stains. Inks, grease, oil, lipstick, makeup, dried blood, grass stains plus a host of others, are all easily removed with this product. The superior wetting ability of our cleaner, penetrates stains to easily lift them during wash cycle. Consumers with kids love this product.

Not at this time — outside of Kansas City metropolitan area, it is only available through Internet Sales. We are a small family operated company and this allows us to keep costs down, both to end customers and our company. Prices for Spectrum are inclusive, including ground shipping — no hidden costs!

Boats and Campers can be completely cleaned using our product, including engine degreasing. It easily cleans upholstery, vinyl, and carpeting. Spectrum can also be used safely on Fiberglas Gel Coat and aluminum. Black mold can be removed from surfaces, including vinyl seats. Camper black streaks are easily removed by agitating the surfaces with brush.

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