Get Inlaid By Czar Floors L Custom Wood Floors And Medallions

Get Inlaid By Czar Floors L Custom Wood Floors And Medallions

Get Inlaid By Czar Floors L Custom Wood Floors And Medallions

Get Inlaid by Czar Floors l Custom Wood Floors and Medallions

Apparatus and equipment of their own homes is of great importance. It’s finally in our homes we spend the most time. Land is a feel good indoors and prepare them according to their own discretion. It should also inspire you to discover your own sense of beauty and the need to create. Ideas on our blog looking for in our four corners, but also from all previous experiences and travel.

Spring and festively: white and yellow kitchen. White and yellow eggs served as principal at Christmas tables, but the mix also check the great indoors. The present white and yellow kitchen for those who want to maintain a festive atmosphere throughout the year. Modern: White and yellow style kitchen loftowym focuses on centrally set the island, gleaming finish panels. Furniture acts as a hot plate, sink, worktop and table where meals are served. The minimalist surroundings emphasizes the original character of the island, and the black and trim elements harmonize with the white and yellow colors.

Typographic. The highest decoration of the interior is a wall with a huge sign that immediately catches the eye. White and yellow kitchen is small, cozy and full of original touches such as chair legs painted in different colors or light bulbs on the cables hanging from various parts of the ceiling. Wooden accents further warm up the interior.

White-yellow with the addition of black. In the interior of the yellow fronts and white walls added black accents, present in the form of furniture and wallpaper in the plant design. The combination of these elements and at the same time gave an unusual design effect, which is responsible for the use of pattern and the lamp in retro style. White and yellow kitchen also benefits through a large window that lets in lots of natural light.

Retro. White and yellow kitchen in a retro style reminiscent of the style of the 50s and 60s These connotations indicates Tulip Design table, chairs with plastic and lamp hanging from the ceiling. Cabinets finished with a diagonal pattern, and the space between them distinguished intensely yellow tiles.

Spring in the interior: green living. Soon our houses and flats brighten up the spring sun, which will inaugurate the season repairs and alterations. When you change the decor should take into account the seasonal color palette. Green living will remind you of spring all year round. Green living in a cozy issue is somewhat subdued tone, varied accessories in the colors of green apple and emerald. With dominant in the green room harmonizes dark gray sofa, on which there were cushions with small flounces. An interesting decoration is a shelf with pictures of just over her back. Vision also attracts a dresser with lots of drawers set at the door.

In the interior of the green facilities is an aesthetic counterpoint to the dominant white. On the couch in the living shade were patterned pillows, and on the back seat — colored plaid. For the color palette joined bile and black, in the form of forsythia in a vase and elegant lamp.

Flowers dominate the green room in classic style. Sofas and chairs are dirty white color and wooden parts are darker, so that clearly stand out against the background of other colors in the decor. Flowers appear on the curtains and cushions are the main decorative motif, but also noteworthy pictures in the dark part of hung on the wall.

Japanese interior green color in a shade of lime inscribed in the dominant, minimalist aesthetic. The walls in vibrant color create an interesting contrast with simple furnishings in muted colors. The interior is also distinguished by a mirror finish floor and visible against the wall shelves of Japanese painting.

Green living in color lime decorated in a retro style. Tables and seats on thin legs reminiscent of neofuturystyczne designs from the ’60s, however, the cabinet suspended on a patterned wall are thoroughly modern, like the minimalist lamp on the side table. An interesting touch is the black and white photos in the framework and a large window extending between the floor and ceiling.

Thank you for your attention, wish you a successful rearranging the furniture.

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