Ideas for Redoing a Ceiling eHow

Ideas for Redoing a Ceiling eHow


Think outside the box and resist the urge to simply use a basic white ceiling paint. Adding color to the ceiling can change the feel of the entire room. A room with a high ceiling, like a living room or formal dining room, can be warmed up with a darker color. If the room is small with a standard-height ceiling, give it a visually larger feeling by applying a lighter color. Choose colors that coordinate with walls and floors. If the ceiling has damage, such as cracks, repair them prior to painting. If a kitchen ceiling has accumulated cooking grease, prepare it by cleaning with a strong solution. In rooms with high moisture content, like bathrooms, start with a primer that prevents mold and mildew.

Pressed Tin

Pressed-tin panels are patterned metal sheets that are affixed to the ceiling. These work best when used in older homes or lofted spaces with high ceilings. Panels typically come in 2-by-4 sheets and are attached to furring strips. For a more dramatic effect, apply paint or polyurethane to panels. Sound has a tendency to bounce off pressed-tin panels, so do not use them in a room that depends on good acoustics, though rugs and drapes in the room will help to absorb the sound. You can also purchase wallpaper tiles that imitate pressed-tin and can be painted after hanging.


Adding wood to a ceiling creates a warm effect, adds insulation and helps absorb noise. Panel the ceiling with plywood or solid-wood tongue-and-groove boards. Mineral fiber planks that imitate wood are also an option. Covering the entire ceiling in wood will create a New England cottage look. To achieve a mountain cabin look, attach natural wooden posts and beams to the ceiling. For the budget-conscious decorator, faux beams made of foam can be hung and painted or stained.

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