Inexpensive bathroom remodel ideas remodelmove

Inexpensive bathroom remodel ideas remodelmove

Inexpensive Bathroom Remodels are a great idea.  Why suffer with an ugly  worn out bathroom when for a few hundred dollars or a thousand you can get a nicely updated bathroom?

The 4 big Bathroom Remodel Cost drivers are:

  • Materials used in the bath remodel
  • Who does the work for your bath remodel
  • Location of your home
  • Design of your bath remodel

For an inexpensive bathroom remodel you have to focus on labor costs and material costs.  Here is a list of good updates you can make on to have a big impact and some to avoid when you do your inexpensive bathroom remodel because they cost a lot and the benefits they add are relatively minor.

1. Paint paint the bathroom room walls and ceiling for a great inexpensive improvement assume $50 to $100 for paint and supplies.

2. New baseboard, crown molding another great inexpensive way to dress up your bathroom

3. New vanity, countertop and faucet.  You can buy new vanities, countertops and faucets as packages online and in big box stores for $300 to $600 and once installed make a huge difference when your focus is on an inexpensive bathroom remodel.  This is a reasonable DIY project.  Also reuse or give away your old vanity on

4. New flooring can make a big improvement in the look and feel of your bathroom room.  Engineered flooring, linoleum squares are good DIY project hire a pro to install vinyl.  Tile is great but often breaks the bank if your focus is on doing an inexpensive bathroom remodel.

5. New towel rods and hooks look great and dont cost too much.  They also dont have an major impact on the entire room.

Other improvements that will likely break the bank if you are after an inexpensive bathroom remodel

1. Re-tiling the floor, shower or tub surround.  Most of the cost is labor so you can save a lot by doing the work yourself but it is a lot of work

2. rearranging anything moving plumbing, the tub or anything else in a bathroom takes time and materials and therefore costs a lot so not the best choice for an inexpensive bathroom remodel.

Inexpensive bathroom remodel ideas remodelmove

 Who does the work This can vary from a doing 100% of the work yourself where the costs for labor will be zero to hiring a famous interior designer or architect to design the room and then the highest cost general contractor to do all the work.  Even among average price bathroom remodel contractors the price can vary by 20 or even 30% and this is caused by several things their profit expectations, pay rate and overhead, the contractors comfort with you and your project and how busy a contractor is.  Just because a contractor charges more or less for a project doesnt necessarily mean that the quality will be better or worse.  Pick a contractor with the right fit for your project.  Use the contractor interview checklist to ensure you ask the right questions and carefully compare the contractors you interview.

Where the home is located Labor rates vary A LOT across the country materials vary in cost as well but not as much as labor.  A plumber in some areas that you would hire for your bathroom remodel will charge you $25 and hour while in other areas it can be $150 an hour!  You cant move your home to a lower cost area but you can call contractors and workers from different parts of the area you live in.  Maybe a 30 minute drive away from you home contractors charge less per hour than the contractors in your immediate neighborhood for a bathroom remodel.  You can save a lot by getting quotes from both local bathroom remodeling contractors as well as bathroom remodeling contractors that live a bit further away.

When you do remodel your bathroom get a quote and sign a firm fixed bid contract that specifies all the materials and labor and has a total cost It isnt in your best interest to agree to time and material contractor or an hourly rate for a project.

The design of your bathroom remodel  —  Bathroom remodels cost a lot because of the plumbing, electrical, surfaces and fixtures that are used.  There is a LOT going on in a bathroom compared to a bedroom or family room and all this complexity drives the price up considerably.   Your design of your bathroom remodel drives the cost.  Moving electrical outlets, switches, or plumbing supply or drain lines can add hundreds and even thousands of dollars of cost to your bathroom remodel.  Talk with your contractor about designs that can save you money by simplifying your project.

The materials you choose —  Tile for the floor can cost $1 or $10 a square foot, faucets can cost $30 or $300, A bathtub $200 or $2000 or more.  The materials and fixtures you choose are the single biggest driver of your bathroom remodel cost.

Why Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculators are better than Average Bathroom Remodel Costs

If you have no other information than average bathroom remodel costs are an important bit of information but you do have other information and with that information, using our bathroom remodel cost calculator,  you can get a much better estimate for YOUR bathroom remodel than is possible using average bathroom remodel costs.  No one lives in an average home, in an average city and is planning an average bathroom so knowing the average cost to remodel a bathroom just isnt very useful.

How the Bathroom Renovation Cost Calculator Works

For an initial budget you can use industry cost averages – like $8,000 for a bathroom renovation but no one lives in an average house in an average city! Another common method is to create an estimate using a cost per square foot method. This is very popular and effective for builders since they have developed a dollar per square foot that reflects their business and costs. Unfortunately dollar per square foot estimates need to be adjusted based on what is in that square foot! If it is the garage or a bathroom the cost can vary from $25 to $250 and more. So estimating this way works best for the pros.

The cost to renovate a bathroom calculator combines both methods to provide an estimate of the cost to remodel your bathroom. The calculators use your location to estimate labor costs, your preferences for types of materials and fixtures as well as how much work you would like to do. Choosing economy, average or expensive materials for your remodel has a big impact on the overall costs for the kitchen and bathroom renovations and additions. The cost of materials has less of an impact on rooms like garage and bedroom additions.


60% of homeowners choose to hire a general contractor to do their bath remodel.  40% manage their own bath remodel project and nearly 70% will do some of the work required to remodel their bath themselves.  DIY work is rewarding for some and a big pain for others.  If you do choose to do some of the work yourself choose something you love to do and, if you can, some task that will save you the most money.  Typically for bath remodel the biggest labor costs are for electrical work, plumbing and tiling.  So if you are thinking this is the time to learn a new skill then pick one of these big 3.  You will need to do more than read a book or 2 or watch a youtube video if you want to do a good job you need to read, watch videos and PRACTICE.  Yes, take a few hours each week and practice tiling, sweating pipes or wiring up an outlet so when the time comes for your project you will be ready to do and can do a professional quality job on your bath remodel.

Sample results from the bathroom remodeling cost estimator.

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