Inexpensive Ceiling Treatments eHow

Inexpensive Ceiling Treatments eHow


Paint is probably the easiest, quickest and least expensive ceiling treatment. White ceilings look forgotten and add nothing to a room. Designer Christopher Lowell recommends choosing a wall color from the middle of a graduated paint swatch, then using the color that is two shades lighter for the ceiling if it’s under 9 feet high or one shade darker than the wall color if it’s over 9 feet.


Interior designer Patricia Gray recommends dressing up ceilings with medallions. While they used to be handcrafted from plaster, plastic versions are now widely available in big box hardware stores, lighting stores and online stores. They’re easy to install with adhesive and once painted, you can hardly tell they’re plastic. Light fixtures, too, help to make a statement. Utilitarian contractor lights are just that, utilitarian. Many attractive light fixtures are now available in lots of styles and for a modest cost, they make a big impact.


Moldings add architectural interest. In addition to crown molding that follows the perimeter of the room, other inexpensive moldings can be installed flat against the ceiling in a variety of patterns, such as a honeycomb pattern, which Patricia Gray suggests.


Expensive paneling lends a distinguished formal look. For a budget-friendly alternative, you can use bead board, either painted or varnished, to achieve a Victorian or country look.

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