Invisible Speaker install on surfaces Walls, Ceilings, Floor Technology

Invisible Speaker install on surfaces Walls, Ceilings, Floor Technology

Feonic Invisible Speakers will solve your acoustic and design problems

Invisible Speakers — limit wires and visible boxes. Hide inside furniture or behind objects. VERY easy installation.

Our invisible speakers solve the problem of how to easily and cost effectively install concealed speakers. Ideal for those who appreciate quality sound and sleek design inside and outside the home or commercial premises. Avoid bulky and obtrusive speaker boxes cluttering up your walls, floors or ceiling. Avoid extensive and expensive installation processes.

Invisible Ceiling Speakers in Bars, Clubs and Restaurants «Space at Foxy’s Restaurant is at a real premium and our designers clean lines of the bar and stepped ceiling, with tinted reflective walls, simply would not work using traditional speakers. We spent ages looking for a truly invisible, 100% hygienic solution that delivered a high quality sound and was easy to install. Feonic’s new product lifts the total immersive experience to an awesome level — I just love it!»

- Leanne Bean Restaurant Manager, UK

We have over 15 years experience designing, developing and manufacturing powerful audio transducers that turn the surfaces they are bonded to into vibration speakers. Creating great sound and, thanks to our unique ultra low amplitude technology, preventing damage to surfaces.

Powerful Vibration Speakers for heavy surfaces — far greater power than generic vibration speaker gadgets


Both sides of the panel you wish to turn into an invisible speaker emit sound. So our devices can be mounted on the rear of the panel which will become the speaker. All that can be seen are the original surfaces; no grilles or perforations; and no wires or bulky boxes to compromise your design and interiors.

We develop and now manufacture in the UK a wide range of pro audio technology. Not toys or gadgets: sorry, our highly specialised equipment is for home audio and professionals in advertising, promotion, communicating and the arts. We have developed a wide range of solutions for:

  • professional audio systems for the home, office, galleries and museums
  • sensory marketing audio options for the retail industry and marketing professionals
  • sound designers, design agencies and artists .

How to Install Invisible Speakers

Feonic Invisible Speakers are low profile solid state audio transducers (about the same footprint as a smartphone and a few inches deep). They can be quickly and easily screwed onto surfaces like drywall (plasterboard), metal, wood etc.

Attach to non porous surfaces like glass walls, windows or even mirror TVs as used in hotel rooms. Mounting on glass is achieved using the included sticky pads. Our technology is frequently used to create window speakers that are particularly suited for retail promotions and interactive advertising .

If access to the rear of the wall, floor or ceiling panels is available they can be installed in minutes. No need to cut holes in expensive wood panelling, plasterboard or delicate surfaces. And you can avoid employing expensive plasterers and decorators to repair holes in the drywall panels and then redecorate the entire room. Simply painting the area cut in the wall will lead to a poor finish — it’s a full room decoration effort for most invisible speaker solutions: but not ours.

Simple installation behind surfaces makes our equipment ideal for the heritage audio market. Add sound to a historic building without unsightly speakers.

Case Study — Fully Waterproof Speaker Installation

The invisible wall speakers are installed outside the room. Protected from heat, damp and water Waterproof Sauna Speakers. concealed on the wooden wall outside the room. Make retrofitting easy: buy Feonic

The issue with sound systems in saunas is that conventional internal amplifier/speaker systems cannot be used in high humidity and high temperatures of up to 90C. By mounting the sound drivers on the outside the heat and waterproofing problem is solved. Read more about this installation (PDF).

«I have found that the sound quality is excellent and somewhat surprisingly there is also good stereo separation within the sauna. I would strongly endorse this method of bringing sound into a sauna».

- Anon, Australia

Massive Power. Micro Vibration Speaker. Zero Cracking of Surfaces

Our Invisible Speaker drives use extremely powerful micro vibrations often 300 times smaller in amplitude than other less optimal invisible speaker solutions. This ensures the surfaces are not damaged or cracked in any way. The key is that the extreme power of the materials we use to power our drives causes both sides of the entire panel to emit sound.

A speaker diaphragm is typically 4 to 8 inches across. Our approach creates a diaphragm perhaps 30 to 50 times bigger. This sends waves of sound from the surface to fill a room with sound. Avoiding the point source line of sight required for traditional cone speakers. Generating an immersive sound quality quite unlike anything you have heard. And powerful enough to turn a 200 year old solid oak floor into a giant speaker surface (PDF Case Study) yet won’t damage or crack delicate surfaces.

Robust, Reliable, Weatherproof. Easy to Install, Remove and Re-Position

Whether you need invisible wall speakers or invisible ceiling speakers our range of vibration speakers are easy to test in situ. Installation is quick and easy and they are extremely robust and reliable (they work outside too: enduring heat, humidity, frost and even work under snow).

And crucially you can test our speakers prior to installation simply by holding them against the surface to find the best sounding location. Our vibration speakers have been used in the extreme environments of boats, bathrooms and saunas. They are completely waterproof as the vibration speaker is hidden behind a wall, concealed under a floor or used as invisible ceiling speakers.

Installation on the rear of a surface ensures fully waterproof speakers as they aren’t in the same space as the water or humidity.

Custom designed interior with Invisible Wall Mounted Speakers Our audio equipment has been used for many applications including: Home Cinema or to sound enable an entire house; in the office or boardroom (turn your boardroom table into a giant concealed speaker); innovative uses such as hotel room mirror TV speakers or to sound enable museum display cases. Many artists and sound designers have used our drives in their sound art installations.

All of the above solutions have been deployed; take a look at some of the many case studies which show the incredibly versatility of our unique audio technology.

Contact us or use the contact details below to learn how you can buy our exciting invisible speakers .

Invisible Speakers for walls, ceiling, floors and other resonant surfaces Top UK and worldwide brands appreciate the quality of our concealed speakers

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