Painting Tips for Not Painting the Ceiling eHow

Painting Tips for Not Painting the Ceiling eHow


In order to keep your paint where it’s supposed to go, you must prepare the room. For the ceiling, the best option is to run a strip of painter’s tape along the joint of the ceiling and each wall. Place the tape directly on the ceiling and make sure one edge is flush with the wall you are painting. Use a wide strip of tape in order to allow you more room to maneuver your paint brush as you paint along the wall close to the ceiling. Make sure the tape is on securely, as paint will seep under the tape if there are any spaces, ruining all of your hard work.

Tools that Can Help

There are many tools that can help you from getting paint on your ceiling. The first thing you can use is a small brush. If you are using a paint roller to paint with, stop your strokes just under the ceiling. Under no circumstances should you touch the ceiling with the roller. Then, using a small brush (a 2-inch brush is perfect for this job), paint the top of the wall, just up to where the crease of the wall is. This will allow you more control of the paint as you get into tight areas. There is also a small pad you can purchase that will allow you to paint trim and keep the trim clean. It comes with small wheels and can be put on a dowel to make it easier to get the paint where it needs to be.

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