Popcorn Ceiling Removal San Carlos Ca

Popcorn Ceiling Removal San Carlos Ca

Popcorn Ceiling Removal San Carlos Ca

About Popcorn Ceilings.

Popcorn Ceilings

What will you do with them?

The dreaded Popcorn Ceilings

What are they? Why were they sprayed? Can popcorn ceilings be removed?

Popcorn ceilings were in high demand throughout the 1950s and 1980s, especially in new construction homes. This heavy popcorn texture had been useful for deadening noise and for its cheap cost in application as it could be simply sprayed and left alone unlike other textures. This texture had also had its uses for contractors trying to hide imperfections in the framing and drywall. Now, homeowners are removing this texture from their ceilings by either having them scraped or covered with drywall. Request a quote for you popcorn ceiling removal project, click the button below.

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Why remove popcorn ceilings?

What is it about popcorn ceilings that makes people want to remove them?

Its not just that cleaning and painting this coarse textured ceiling can be challenging and still temporary, but dust and cobwebs stick to this popcorn texture like glue, which makes the texture appear very unsightly over time. The texture is over dramatic, most times dirty and draws way too much attention. Still, some find popcorn ceilings charming, and never even think to remove them. The option, is completely up to you!

More on the subject of Popcorn Ceilings

You may or may not have heard the phrase popcorn ceilings, other aliases; acoustic ceiling, cottage cheese ceiling, textured ceiling and even dirty ceiling has made their way around as people try to identify this ugly texture on their ceilings.

If your looking into popcorn ceilings, it is probably because you want them GONE. The best choice is to remove them and better to hire it done, especially if your not up to the labor intensive work. Request a quote by clicking the button below, we would love to assist you with renovating your ceilings!

Deciding to move forward with removing your popcorn ceilings! Great! We promise you will not regret it. Now that you have decided, what type of texture do you want? Or, have you had it with texture and want a smooth surface that will open up your space? Your choices: knockdown, skip trowel, orange peel, old world*, level 4 smooth (minor imperfections or level 5 smooth (perfect). Schedule you ceiling renovation below after you have received your quote.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal FAQs

Everything you need to know about you popcorn ceiling removal project!

Frequently asked questions on the subject of popcorn ceiling removal

We have compiled a list of the most common questions, if you can not find an answer here, please feel free to Contact Mudco Drywall !

1. What are the benefits of removing popcorn ceilings?

Not only will you be increasing your homes value by updating your ceilings but you will be rid your home of the out-dated old, dirty look of popcorn on your ceiling. Another great benifit is your health. Removing popcorn ceilings removes all the dust allergens that are stuck in the grooves of popcorn. So how about renovation?

2. Is it necessary to take a look at the project for an on-site estimate?

Absolutely not. No need to waste your time or ours. Removing popcorn ceilings has been a job of ours for over 12 years and we have our specific methods of estimating.

4. Will you need to leave the house while the crew is working?

Typically, yes, and most definitely when popcorn ceilings are being removed in nearly every room in your home. We ask that you make arraignments with family or friends through the duration of the project. The work areas are extremely messy (contained) and pose a potentially unsafe environment while the work is carried through.

5. How long does it take for the entire renovation?

Popcorn Ceiling Removal San Carlos Ca

In most cases, especially when the acoustic popcorn ceiling has not been painted, just one day for removal and texture. Another day is needed for paint. For larger projects, an entire renovation may take up to 3 to 4.

6. Will any flaws be repaired to the ceiling prior to the texturing phase.

The popcorn texture hides many flaws on the surface of your ceiling. Most of these flaws are resurfaced at no additional cost, however when we uncover a vast amount of repairs or major repairs, a small additional cost may be occurred.

7. After the ceilings have been textured. will the new textured ceiling need to be painted?

Yes. Texture without painting can brown over time. It also does not look pretty until the final touches are complete: prime and paint.

8 .) What type of texture do I have a choice of in replacing popcorn ceiling?

9 .) Which drywall finish do we recommend?

A level 4 smooth. This finish will compliment your existing wall texture and open up your space making it feel larger. This finish is highly preferred over a texture, especially after looking at textured ceilings!

10. Can the ceilings be painted right away?

Not exactly. The ceilings can be primed and painted after the texture/finish has dried. Painting typically begins the next day, however when the climate is cold, this can delay the process.

11. I have plaster ceilings, is this relevant to my popcorn ceiling removal project?

Yes. Unlike drywall popcorn ceilings, plaster popcorn ceilings is hard and not soluble with water. The plaster popcorn ceiling will need to be re-floated since it can not be removed. This task is very tedious, time consuming and will be more expensive than a drywall popcorn ceiling removal.

The cost largely depends on your project. Factors in cost include: the square footage, ceiling height(s), amount of rooms, whether or not the home is empty, the type of drywall texture or finish, if painting will proceed popcorn ceiling removal, etc The average cost for just popcorn ceiling removal and refinishing can range from as low as $1.00-$2.00 per square foot.

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